Saturday, 24 April 2010

confused :S

this is yet another short crap post, but if what i'm about to pitch goes down well, then the next post will be a lot more exciting. :D
so this is the idea; i want to interview someone on my blog, but i am really not sure how to go about that. obviously i have to ask them first, but do i need like permission from anywhere or anything and are there like any rules? :/ i'm confused and don't want to do something weird and wrong :p
please please please leave a comment if you have an idea or advice :D
i sound like such a retard. :/



  1. Interview me :) haha not that that would be interesting at all :P x

  2. Nope I dont think you need any permission well except for when you ask the person you wanna interview..
    hope this helps.

  3. just contact the person you wanna intervew asking if they want to be interviewed. if they say yes, then send them your qs.


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