Monday, 12 April 2010

10 facts about me.

1. it has been my fantasy for many years now to be able to eat chalk.

2. in year 4, my fat subsitute teacher miss southall (YES i remember her name, sad i know. but how could you not with a name like that?) tripped me up over a plant pot somehow and i broke two of my toes on my right foot.

3. i have this weird problem where if i hear a word in a movie that i like, or i read it in a book or somewhere, i have to repeat it under my breath loadsa times. i do it a lot less now, but it really scares people when i do. it is very creepy, i am just sitting there whispering to myself.

4. when i was 6, i cried when my sister threw my imaginary friend sarah off the balcony.

5. i laugh an insane amount for a 13 year old. i have a laughing fit on average once every half an hourish.

6. i think i have OCD; this morning i beat my 18 year old sister up because she left her shoes outside her cupboard instead of putting them in.

7. i hate being wrong about stuff, i HAVE to be right. and i hate it when someone proves me wrong. i go all defensive and angry and say random cusses.

8. my childhood obsession was stardoll, to the point where my mum banned me from it cos i went on it WAY too much. but i still sneaked on. rebel, i hear you say.

9. i like anything bright, and the other day i was getting worried cos i had come out in black skinny jeans and a black top, and i thought i was turning emo and all teenagery. so i made an extra effort to buy the brightest thing i could.

10. i hate fizzy drinks, salt, flying saucers (or anything with sherbet in), the colour terracotta, any underwater things, unless it's in a swimming pool. like, i have to shut my eyes when it goes underwater in movies etc.



  1. ha this made me lol!
    firts of all what kind of a name is miss southall, loool.
    aww poor little imaginary friend. lool.
    yes you laugh too much dude.
    omg same i hate being wrong, so annoying, and then try to sneakily change the subject#!

  2. ahah i know! :L she was so fat.
    ahah you do too though :D
    i know! i go so red :S

  3. miss southall < HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH aww did the imaginary friend die?? I hate it when i'm wrong too but i love telling other people, especially mary :) love you mariam x

  4. ahha she did indeed :'(
    lool i know, that part's fun :D

  5. LOL MISS SOUTHALL hahahah, jokes.

    haha you're quite weird my friend.
    i have a mild case of ocd too :/ and i'm a perfectionist

    and omd i alwayssssssss have to be right! hate it when i'm not.

  6. i know, i'm actually very weird if i think about it :S better than being boring though init. :p

    yeah same, and i hate it when i don't understand work in class!

  7. i think everyone has that have to be right thing. i certainly do. well in my case, it's have to be able to do it. i smashed my mirror cos my maths revision was too hard.
    underwater? i bet finding nemo was hell for you.
    and same about the laughter thing, i lie down on my belly when i'm on my laptop and when i laugh the floor shakes. my mum gets angry cos it happens so often.

  8. (and dairylea dunkers are disgusting)

  9. LOL i love 3. i am going to steal this :)

  10. Just gave you a blog award. well done :)

  11. ahahaha i love number 4! when I was little I accidentally sat on my best friends imaginary friend...I still dont think she has forgiven me :S

  12. ahah it's traumatic for us all when that happens :p thanks for the comment :D

  13. 10 things as to why I love you :)


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