Sunday, 11 April 2010

wish list.

yo :]
today i'm going to do a list of things i desperately want at the mo:

1. DUNGAREES. omg, i have been looking for some affordable, nice dungarees for so long :O i am only interested in them if they are light blue denim though, nothing else. which limits my chances of finding perfect ones :/
but a few days ago i was looking at
Faye's blog, and she had posted about a pair of urban outfitters dungarees that she wanted. OMG THEY ARE PERFECT. :O :O :O you can find them here. i am actually in love. it's my birthday on january 27th. hint hint. and i also love the model who's wearing them's shoes. <3

2. a DSLR camera. i have recently become OBSESSED with them, i just think they look so cooool :D and so much better than an ordinary digital camera, they are so plain. i love the whole retro kinda thing to them :p

3. coral lipstick. i don't wear makeup at all, but i have always LOVEDDDD the colour coral and i think it would look so nice as a lipstick. the thing i like about lipsticks is the matte-ness, rather than lipgloss which is sickly sweet and shiny, and the colours don't come out half as well as lipstick. i just get so excited when i think about painting that juicy coral lipstick onto my lips :P omg i sound quite creepy. but you have to agree, it's the bombbbbbbb. :D

urgh i had 5 things in mind, but i'm so stupid and forgetful that i've forgotten the other 2 :/

anyway, they might come to me later :)



  1. I have so many shades of coral lipstick, its unbelievable!! My cousin is a photographer and has so many cameras, like that exactly. I would like dungarees but I don't think they would suit me, but they would look great on you! I would also choose the powder blue ones as they look MUCH better than dark denim :) love ya mazza

  2. omg really! i want some so much :)
    arghh lucky person :p they're too cool.
    i think they might! but your fashion sense is more feminine, more skirts and dresses than jeans/shorts/dungarees isn't it :) aww thankyou, i hope so :P
    love you too <3

  3. your fish over there scare me.
    i've never liked fish.
    and they follow me.
    <3 dungarees.

  4. shup, that's mean. they can hear you :/

  5. BEYOND RETRO. loadsssssssssss of light blue denim dungarees and there was a pair for just £12. srs man, BEYOND RETRO IS THE ONE, so cheap as well. highly recommend. gotta agree, light denim over dark denim even though dark denim makes you look thinner.

    coral is a beautiful colour.

    same, i want a dslr, they're cool.

  6. OMGOSHHHH £12 are you serious? daym :O
    omgomgomg. that is so cheap. aaah. where is the nearest beyond retro?
    haha really? i never knew :p how do you know stuff like that? :L

  7. lol, it's just like a fact thing. like wearing white tights makes your legs look fatter and black makes them look thinner, trust, lol.
    well there's one off oxford st, another on brick lane, brighton, stockholm ;) lol.
    the one off oxford st is really easy to get to.

  8. aah thanks :)
    i just went to oxford street the day before yesterday damn :/
    i am gonna try to go again before school though. :)

  9. I've wanted short dungarees for ages, it's just so hard to find the perfect pair.

  10. :o I've been eyeing up that lipstick too except I really want the nudish colour :]]
    The coral is pretty though ~


  11. eli_7: ooh yeah i love nude too! except my skin colour is too dark to wear nude lipstick, i look stupid :p


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