Saturday, 24 April 2010

confused :S

this is yet another short crap post, but if what i'm about to pitch goes down well, then the next post will be a lot more exciting. :D
so this is the idea; i want to interview someone on my blog, but i am really not sure how to go about that. obviously i have to ask them first, but do i need like permission from anywhere or anything and are there like any rules? :/ i'm confused and don't want to do something weird and wrong :p
please please please leave a comment if you have an idea or advice :D
i sound like such a retard. :/


Thursday, 22 April 2010


i am awfully sorry, i just realised today that i have not blogged in a week :O
that is terrible.
and i am disgusted with myself. :p
but the truth is, i have had NOTHING to blog about :S we have exams in 10 days, so my days have been filled with school, revising and making blue cakes with coconut flakes in them. they taste very nice, i recommend one. 
this is such a failure of a blog post :/ i am stuck for topics. and i am NOT repeating a nature topic or anything remotely to do with nature, because my last post makes me cringe. 8| ha, i'm such a neek. (nerd for americans/posh english people reading this. and for foreigners, i don't know what country you're from so i'm just going to convert into several languages, you find yours):
inek öğrenci

i'm going to stop my cultural dictionary now. but omg how cool does it look :O
i don't know if you noticed, but i put the korean translation first.
this is because i have an obsession with korean and want to look and speak korean. but i still want to have an irish accent for talking english.

Thursday, 15 April 2010


this morning, i felt like blogging. because i was bored. as usual. but i had nothing to blog about :/ so i asked my friend mary, and she said 'ermm dunno..nature?' and i replied 'HAHAHA no. NATURE WTF?!'. but if you read the title, you'll see that i changed my mind :p i have nothing else to blog about, so this post is going to be about NATURE. :) 
i'm not going to type much, cos what can you say about nature? :/ instead, i'm just going to share a list of awesome nature pictures google lead me too, so here goes:

typical, but i had to have the whole clear sky, blue sea, palm tree and white sand kinda picture in here somewhere ;)

this is too cute. it would be even cuter if the shape in between their beaks/necks was a heart. but oh well. :)

i LOVE this picture, i'm not even sure why! i just love how it's so perfect and the colours are so vivid. aaah it's lovely to look at :)

what a rebel, diving into the water like that :p this picture is so cute and natural, yet kinda bizarre.

what a cutie :) i chose this picture cos it's so real and innocent and unlike the girls her age in england/america these days who wear jimmy choo's, have mobile phones and boyfriends. i wish i could dress up like her one day :D

well that's the end of my 'nature' blog, i know it wasn't very natureish :/ kinda rubbish actually, but hey ho. the next one will be better i promise :p 

i don't hate followers or comments, so go ahead. ;)

P.S thank you tremendously to TOM BOLA is my husband! HA! for the 'i love your blog award', it was so lovely of you :)

P.P.S thank you hugely to Phoebe.Madeleine for the sunshine award, i now have 3! :) again, very kind :D


Monday, 12 April 2010

10 facts about me.

1. it has been my fantasy for many years now to be able to eat chalk.

2. in year 4, my fat subsitute teacher miss southall (YES i remember her name, sad i know. but how could you not with a name like that?) tripped me up over a plant pot somehow and i broke two of my toes on my right foot.

3. i have this weird problem where if i hear a word in a movie that i like, or i read it in a book or somewhere, i have to repeat it under my breath loadsa times. i do it a lot less now, but it really scares people when i do. it is very creepy, i am just sitting there whispering to myself.

4. when i was 6, i cried when my sister threw my imaginary friend sarah off the balcony.

5. i laugh an insane amount for a 13 year old. i have a laughing fit on average once every half an hourish.

6. i think i have OCD; this morning i beat my 18 year old sister up because she left her shoes outside her cupboard instead of putting them in.

7. i hate being wrong about stuff, i HAVE to be right. and i hate it when someone proves me wrong. i go all defensive and angry and say random cusses.

8. my childhood obsession was stardoll, to the point where my mum banned me from it cos i went on it WAY too much. but i still sneaked on. rebel, i hear you say.

9. i like anything bright, and the other day i was getting worried cos i had come out in black skinny jeans and a black top, and i thought i was turning emo and all teenagery. so i made an extra effort to buy the brightest thing i could.

10. i hate fizzy drinks, salt, flying saucers (or anything with sherbet in), the colour terracotta, any underwater things, unless it's in a swimming pool. like, i have to shut my eyes when it goes underwater in movies etc.


Sunday, 11 April 2010

wish list.

yo :]
today i'm going to do a list of things i desperately want at the mo:

1. DUNGAREES. omg, i have been looking for some affordable, nice dungarees for so long :O i am only interested in them if they are light blue denim though, nothing else. which limits my chances of finding perfect ones :/
but a few days ago i was looking at
Faye's blog, and she had posted about a pair of urban outfitters dungarees that she wanted. OMG THEY ARE PERFECT. :O :O :O you can find them here. i am actually in love. it's my birthday on january 27th. hint hint. and i also love the model who's wearing them's shoes. <3

2. a DSLR camera. i have recently become OBSESSED with them, i just think they look so cooool :D and so much better than an ordinary digital camera, they are so plain. i love the whole retro kinda thing to them :p

3. coral lipstick. i don't wear makeup at all, but i have always LOVEDDDD the colour coral and i think it would look so nice as a lipstick. the thing i like about lipsticks is the matte-ness, rather than lipgloss which is sickly sweet and shiny, and the colours don't come out half as well as lipstick. i just get so excited when i think about painting that juicy coral lipstick onto my lips :P omg i sound quite creepy. but you have to agree, it's the bombbbbbbb. :D

urgh i had 5 things in mind, but i'm so stupid and forgetful that i've forgotten the other 2 :/

anyway, they might come to me later :)


Saturday, 10 April 2010

karlie kloss...

yo. :)
okay, so i'm going to talk about karlie kloss. yeah yeah i know everyone has been talking about her lately, but that is the reason why i want to talk.
i'm not a vogue and ss10 (those were my fashion references :L) kinda person, so i didn't really know who karlie kloss was until a few weeks ago. and then i was reminded of her yesterday when i went to harrods (i am blogging about this later) and saw a huge wall feature of her at the dior counter. tbh, after googling her a few minutes ago, i don't think that her dior feature really shows off her beauty to the max, and she looks a lot prettier in some other pictures, like these:

this was for american vogue a while back, in november 09. it was part of a joint shoot with lily donaldson who i LOVE. i HATE this skirt. and the hair. the top and jacket are nice although not together. actually i'm not here to talk about the clothes so i'll move on to the next picture.

she looks so typical russian here don't you think! her face. i love this picture, but OMG I WANT TO STAB MYSELF WHEN I LOOK AT THAT DRESS. EURGHHH. even though aqua is my favourite colour. but ewww man. and her hair is looking a bit lank. but i love this picture still.

BEST. PICTURE. EVER. omg. i love every single tiny thing about this picture. there is nothing i can single out that is not right. hair=glossy and thick and dead straight and long. eyes=makeup is woooow and they are so long and slender :) aah wow i'm not going to go through everything, it would take a while. but i love this shot too much.

this is my second favourite. she looks beautiful. :O it's so natural and innocent :) and her lips are so pouted and her eyebrows are so daaaym arched! <3

well that's what i think about karlie kloss, please leave a nice little comment saying whether you agree or not and your thoughts, i really love reading them :)

another thing: my background. i've changed it to this polka dot one which is lovely (: because i was sick of the old one. but then i found another one which i kinda liked too and i am indecisive. so i print screened them (yeah i know) and i need your help. so again, leave a comment saying which you prefer.

last thing- i thought i might add for those of you who don't know, karlie kloss is only 16 :O so wow.


Wednesday, 7 April 2010


hey hey hey.
if you haven't already seen these mind blowingly cool animations, then click
here to go to my friend mary's blog :D she makes the awesomest animations on the side :p
i would just like to say another big thankyou to mary too, for my 2nd sunshine award :D
i am not going to do the whole 6 people thing again, obviously. cos i've already done it. ;)
anyway, i was just thinking this morning about accents, and i was wondering what accent adam and eve had? :/ cos if you think about it, if they were the first people on the planet, then they didn't really have accents did they? cos theirs was like the original accent or something..
i dunno :S sorry, i have probably bored/confused you. well i've confused myself anyway :/ i do that a lot.
also, i was having another one of my little thinking sessions :p aha, i have them a lot :L
and i was thinking, you know how people say if you take all the bad things out of the world then it will be perfect?
well i'm not sure i agree
because if you take away all the negative
then it will be imperfect
and it is more perfect now in a way
in the same way as if you're outstanding at everything then it becomes boring
so if the world was all good
then it would be boring
and boring=imperfect
am i being a freak? :|
i think so. i'll stop with my dodgy theories now. :L
p.s please don't hesitate in following! :p

Monday, 5 April 2010


hello again, for the second time today :)
AAAH, I HAVE RECEIVED A SUNSHINE AWARD :D i am so happy, i cannot thank you enough Izzy :D check out her blog,
Swamped With Flowers, it is very interesting and cute.
okay, so i am going to award mine now ;)

The rules of this blog award are:
1. Post this logo within your blog or post
2. Pass the award onto 6 fellow bloggers
3. Link to the nominees within your post
4. Let the nominees know they have received an award by commenting on their blog
5. Share the love and link the person whom you received this blog award

well it's honestly very hard to pick, i'm not just saying that. but i have selected these 6 :) by the way, this is in no particular order:

this blog is too cute, and talks about a range of stuff, from fashion to home life. it is very interesting to read, and she has an amazing lookbook from which she posts looks on to it regularly, so check her out, you will not regret it :)

this blog also is adorably cute, and it's relentless theme is fashion. phoebe is only 12 and is so amazing at writing and blogging, she really needs more recognition because she is fab ;)

a very unique and honest blog, just about an 18 year old girl's everyday life. but don't get me wrong, it is a very interesting read and very very blunt, in the best possible way :)

i'm gonna have to give it to her :D again, an amazing (and very small fonted, if i might add :P) blog, about numerous topics. but fashion weaves through all of them ;) really inspiring, as she makes a lot of clothes herself, so i can truly say she is very fashionable, not just someone who goes to jack wills/abercrombie/hollister, raids the shop, wears it and thinks they're fashionable.

5. Hollywood Infected Your Brain
well this is my blog, ha. i think it is basically perfect in every single way, it is just amazing. i could read it all day. very captivating. it is superb and divine and i recommend it to everyone on this earth.

sorry, i just had a sudden urge to do that. don't question it. :L

the REAL number 5:

i absolutely love this blog, it is so original and different! i love the old fashioned-ness of some of it, and it is so lovely and different :) a really good read.

and last but not least, i have selected up in the woods :) i was going to say an amazing blog, but then i realised i have been using the word amazing too much. how about...a spiffing blog? i like it :D okay, well a spiffing blog, very original again, and about a variety of awesome topics. very cute and a good personality display ;)

i hope you have enjoyed reading this, and visiting some of those awesome blogs. or, if you have been mentioned, i hope you are happy :D


twilight easter eggs.

yo :)
this post is just going to be a mixture of a few little stuff, please bare with me :D
firstly, i just would like to show you this amazing amazing amazing thing i found on the internet.
it blew my mind :O
here goes:

okay, wow. it might not seem that cool, but look at it again and in detail, and your jaw will hit the floor :D how bad do you want an eclipse easter egg!? cos i sure do. :/

also, i was looking on and found these two tee's that i absolutely love :O <3
i don't buy a lot from there, cos most of the stuff is too expensive/i've seen an identical copy for way cheaper.
but here are the tee shirts:

i'm sure it would look a lot nicer and the colours would be more vivid in real life :) but i love this, and anything like this that is kinda collagey and just damn cool.

i love this one too, it's just too cute :))) and i really want to wear it with a pair of amazing dungarees, which i am YET to find :'(

P.S hope you all had a chocolatey easter. ;)
P.P.S forgot to mention, i've made a formspring, so please ask me...stuff. but nothing rude, i won't answer ;)


Friday, 2 April 2010

i can't think of a clever, witty, cool or funny title. not that mine normally are. :P

yo yo yo ;)
it's the start of the easter holidays, yay :)
let's start with an amusing sight for those of you lucky enough to have attended 9S's assembly/to have just seen this stunning creature.


this is a short post- i was going to add something else and talk about another thing but i can't be bothered now. and i think the walama deserves a post all to himself. <3