Monday, 5 April 2010

twilight easter eggs.

yo :)
this post is just going to be a mixture of a few little stuff, please bare with me :D
firstly, i just would like to show you this amazing amazing amazing thing i found on the internet.
it blew my mind :O
here goes:

okay, wow. it might not seem that cool, but look at it again and in detail, and your jaw will hit the floor :D how bad do you want an eclipse easter egg!? cos i sure do. :/

also, i was looking on and found these two tee's that i absolutely love :O <3
i don't buy a lot from there, cos most of the stuff is too expensive/i've seen an identical copy for way cheaper.
but here are the tee shirts:

i'm sure it would look a lot nicer and the colours would be more vivid in real life :) but i love this, and anything like this that is kinda collagey and just damn cool.

i love this one too, it's just too cute :))) and i really want to wear it with a pair of amazing dungarees, which i am YET to find :'(

P.S hope you all had a chocolatey easter. ;)
P.P.S forgot to mention, i've made a formspring, so please ask me...stuff. but nothing rude, i won't answer ;)



  1. love the eclipse egg and hate both the shirts however i agree with wearing the dungarees with that apple tee :)

  2. lol who would want an eclipse egg...
    do agree, topshop is a bit too expensive most of the time.

  3. shup, you know you want one. :D
    i know, there are countless times where i have seen identical stuff, espesh footwear, in primark!1

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  5. Haha that's so true! So many times I go into Topshop, see something I love but think it's too expensive, walk across into Primark and see exactly the same thing buthalf the price haha! The thing is with Primark though is that it's too mass produced and most of the things you buy are completely recognisable as Primark :/
    x x x

  6. hmm that new mostly tacky shop HYPE is doing MAJOR copies of topshop!! some of the vest tee designs are like, EXACTLY the same, and i thinkk new look is really copying as well :/

    i want the eclipse easter egggg!!
    i didn't gett any this year D:
    welll, hardly

  7. rosie.elizabeth: i know, and then people say things about the quality, but in actual fact, primark quality is fine for me! i never have any problems with it. yeah i know what you mean about that though :S
    Amen: defo with the new look thing! aha, don't we all ;)
    awww poor little amen. i shall send you a cyber egg- *CYBER EGG* there you go, eat up fatty :D

  8. Love the post! Just to let you know I've given you the sunshine award! Congrats ;) I've mentioned u in a post ;)

  9. thankyou so much, it means a lot! :D <3 <3 <3

  10. I love the eclipse easter egg! Very creative =)


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