Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Shall I start writing more properly, like this?

yo :)
i have recently been thinking that i should start using capital letters when needed in my blog posts, cos this is the conclusion i came to for why i am not getting followers :p and i don't know if you think it looks messy etc.? please leave a comment.
but anyway, a while ago i blogged about a world challenge expedition to Croatia in may 2011. i am now defo going on it and have handed my first deposit in. :)
i am trying to find ways of raising money, and have come up with a few:
1) babysitting. when i came from school today i made some rubbish flyers and would have printed them but my printer is dead again. so i am printing them tomorrow in school. but yeah, i think that's always a good one to raise money ;)
2) sponsored events- e.g running. i was talking to my friend phoebe who is also going on the trip about ways we could raise money, and she said that she is doing a sponsored run organised by world challenge in may. i asked if i could come and i can, yay :p so i will be doing that. i'm so unfit though, i hate running. urgh. oh well. it's all for croatia babyyyyyy.
3) well i'm not very sure about this, as i am not one of these people like vicki or olivia who are amazingly talented when it comes to fashion and making stuff etc, well it's not just fashion tbh, i can't make anything. actually scrap this idea. now that i think about it, i don't really have a talent :P except for pogo sticking. omgggggggg. maybe i could pogo-stick-busk? :) i'll get back to you on that one.
4) of course, there are things like jumble sales and cake sales, which my friends [none of which are going to croatia :'( ] have offered to help me with.
i am running low on ideas. aaaah i'm scared :S
pleaaaaaase leave a comment with some more ideas/feedback on my current ones!
i <3333>

Friday, 26 March 2010

discovery child.

helloooo. :)
i have started to blog more often cos i am not getting much homework these days, as easter is next week YAAAY :)
omgosh i am so excited.
but that is another story.
right now, i wanted to show you some stuff that i either bought or dug up a few days ago in my too big cupboard.
first is these awesome glasses :) i got them a while ago from warehouse and just found them like a couple of days ago yay :) i thought i'd lost them :O
these are pretty cool.

please ignore the disgusting creased bedsheet and the bad quality pictures, they are from my webcam.

next is this beaded charm bracelet thingy (ignore my describing, i don't know fancy fashion terms or whatever-until about a month ago i thought gingham was pronounced 'jinjum'.) but yeah anyway, my sister was feeling kind so she bought me this from accessorize about 2 weeks ago. and yesterday my form tutor was wearing the exact same one. which put me off slightly. but oh well. :P she isn't even old anyway which is good, only like 23 i think.

i think my duvet cover really matches it :D

anyway, next up is this gold chained strawberry necklace from toppyshopppp :)
i don't really buy a lot from topshop tbh, but i saw this and loved it and then my sister bought it for me the next day :) i wasn't even with her when i saw it but somehow she knew :O she was also feeling very kind. note that she is NOT NORMALLY KIND. NO WAAAAAY.

these photo's really do not do it justice :S it is a lot nicer in real life like a lot of stuff. partly cos the colour on my webcam is dark and rubbish. :/ but bare with me yeah?

there it is. but it doesn't look that great. much nicer in real life :|

last but not least, i found these leopard print mocassin kinda shoes? i think that's what they are anyway :p but yeah i got these like last june or something :O but i have only wore them twice. and they were buried at the bottom of my shoe pile until i rescued them last week :D
again, the colour is nicer that it appears on webcam. ;)

oh and these beauts are only from primark :)

i want your opinions :)
and please follow :P

Thursday, 25 March 2010

british museum.

well on monday, our class went to the british museum in london as an art trip, to sketch some stufffff.
it was alright, a bit boring though. better than i expected however :) we just had to draw loaaaads. and really quick. and we are now continuing this as a project thing which we had to finish for homework and being the cool person that i am, i came home that day and finished it straight away.
i was going to put some of my LAUGHABLY BAAAAAAD drawings up so that i could share my amusement with people and make them laugh at them too but my stupidstupidstupid webcam isn't working. it like NEVER WORKS I SWEAR :S it comes on for 10 seconds then freezes when i look my most retarded. then i have to do 'ctrl alt delete'.
the best bit was lunch. as always. mmm.
but here are some pictures off fb, where me and my friends were trying on some BUFF HEADGEAR in the gift shop. :|
by the way, please ignore my face in the second one, the mask was wonky so it looks like my eyes are disabled. ha.

later <3>

Saturday, 20 March 2010

trident splash.

yo yo yo. :)
i am sorry i have not blogged for so long, i just have nowt to blog about. :/
and i still haven't got anything to write about...but i'm bored and it depresses me when you go on someone's blog and you see the same old blog post again and again (ahem mary :P) so i didn't want to be one of those people :D
okay i will talk about what i did today :)
well i went to kingston with my dad, sister and bro.
and didn't buy anything.
but i saw something i loveeeeeeee in that little vintage shop on london road next to the knocked down telephone boxes. :p
i don't go in there much-the smell really creeps me out and reminds me of old people, sorry.-but i just had a look today and there was this AWESOME rolling stones badge kinda thing in like black and white with neon stripes sort of. i'm rubbish at describing stuff. :/ actually no i'm lying, it didn't even have neon stripes. they were like fluorescent splodges? haha something like that. :P
but it was soooooooo cool. :D
and then we went to pizza hut yay :D
and i got a wedding invite ooh :O next saturday. omg that day is gonna be so hectic. i'm going to specsavers in the morning, then going to the wedding, THEN going to matilda's party STRAIGHT after :P ha. btw if you're wondering how i could go to a wedding on the same day as all that, it's my dad's friend from work's DAUGHTER'S wedding so we're obviously not close haha, so it's not the actual wedding ceremony, just a dinner party thing at a hotel.
omg i can't wait for it all. :D yay.
and also, please please PLEAAAASE mention/link me in your next blog post! it will only take up 1 precious line! and it will make a big diff for me, i only have 9 followers. :/ and i promise to mention you too if you do :D
oh and also i am currently eating trident splash, that explains the post title. yummmm.
laterrrrrrrrrr :)

Friday, 12 March 2010

now you know how i spend my spare time.

supppppppp :)

due to boredom, i edited some awesome pictures that i searched long and hard for on google. i used the one and only picnik. don't laugh or whatever, i did them in a rush (i don't even know why i rushed, i have nothing else to do.) and i know they are not all perfect. some quite weird. but hey ho. oh and PLEAASE COMMENT! i actually get so happs. :) i mean, if you bothered to read this rubbish then a few extra seconds commenting wouldn't do any harm! and it lets me know that there's someone out there who's read it which is always awesome.
anyway, this is what i devised:

my personal fave is the mini cheddars one; the licorice allsorts one is horribly unprofessional and the beefeaters one..well don't even ask. i actually don't know what posessed me to do it.
anyway, i am going to be hopefully making a few more in the future, a bit more professional and thought out is what i'm aiming for. :/

laterrrrrrr. <3

Monday, 8 March 2010


when i blink i can see blue and pink dots. i'm gonna have my own mini disco in my sleep. <3

me in a nutshell.

ello ello ello.
today i am going to do a '5 things i cannot live without' style post. i was going to do 10 things but i'm going to bed soon and i need the toilet. :/
okay so here goes.
1. i'm just gonna get the obvious out of the way, the whole family and friends blah blah blah. but don't get me wrong, although it's common for people to list this, i still love my family and friends to bits :) they are pretty amazing and make me laugh. the latter more so. :P <3

2. JLS. omgosh. if you don't know me, then you have yet to know (well actually you've probably guessed from my name) that i am a TOTAL JLS OBSESSED MANIAC. :O :O :O i will buy any magazine if there is the teeniest hint of JLS on the cover. i have the hoodie, tee shirt, book, calendar, bracelet and several thousand posters. literally. AAAAAAAAAH I GET SO WORKED UP WHEN I TALK ABOUT THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST TOO AMAZING AND I WANT TO SLAP ANYONE WHO SHOWS EVEN A HINT OF NOT LIKING THEM BECAUSE HOW COULD YOU NOT THEY ARE SENSATIONAL AND ASTON MERRYGOLD IS JUST WOW.

3. my laptop. i am actually obsessed and cannot go a single day without it. that is really bad i'm aware :/ but i just love it. espesh facebook. i have some mental block if i don't go on fb during the day, and love that moment when i sign in after school and see what the world is getting up to. well not the world but my friends. but it just sounded cooler like that. but yeah, i am actually obsessed. and i love celebrity googling and researching and youtubing WAY too much. :| aaah.

4. cherry carmex lipbalm. mmmm. the softest most yummy nicest smelling lipbalm everrrrr. and sometimes, i accidentally eat a bit. rank i know. but it's just too darnnn good. :O
aaah this thing is just the ultimate buffness.

5. eer i am actually struggling to think of this one. oh yes i have it now. i just sat here for 5 minutes trying to think. i came up with: MY RIVER ISLAND BIKER BOOTS. i got these boots from 4 of my best buds Sasha, Claire, Gee and Nay for my birthday in january. they cost £65.00 and are the most amazing, comfy boots in the world. they go with anything and everything and i love them too much. <3>

SO, THAT'S ME. :) sorry that i put very typical things such as laptop, family etc. but it's just the truth. that's me. :p once again, if you have managed to read up until this point without boring yourself to death then i reaaaaally love you. please comment down there! you have no idea how happy i get when you do :D <3

Saturday, 6 March 2010

yay. :)

yo :)
i am really really happy today. :D
well i have reason to be- i was pleased with my maths test result, which i'm not going to reveal on here because it will sound bad, but i know that i revised my socks off and did the best i could. and the best thing is my mum was really happy so yay ;)
and also, today i just feel really happy. and my mum got me two magazines and a cream egg as a get well soon present for my HPV jab that i had on my arm on......wednesday i think it was?
cos i was complaining this morning and it has swollen up. and i got sympathy gifts, wooo :)
and omg, i was reading the copy of Bliss, and suddenly, i turned the page and BAM, my year 9 friend rosie's face was there on a 4 page spread on how to apply makeup for peachy autumn tones or something! i was like woaaaah :O that is so amazing. and she is so stunning. you can find her lookbook here. check it out, she has some coool looks. <3
and another reason to be happy, i might be going to ikea tomorrow :P YESSSSS. i actually LOVE ikea. who wouldn't? and the restaurant. aaah. :p
sorry i don't upload many pictures with my blogs, i like having visuals to look at too, rather than just reading a pile of nonsense. but there aren't many appropriate pictures to go with what i say :/
one more thing, check out my bubba phoebe's lookbook, she got it recently and has already uploaded some buff looks. and she has a blog which you can find here too. ;)

Thursday, 4 March 2010

this is for mary.

well hello there. mary like begged me to do this blog cos she is 'bored' and wants something to read i think. well sorry asian explosion but this might be a disappointment haha, i have zilch to write about. so here i go:
well firstly, i'm getting sick of polka dots :/ i am going to change it in a tick. i thought they were nice and usually like them but this background should reflect on me as a person and it really doesn't. after all the blog is about me. omg that sounds really self centred when you put it like that ahaa. :|
and also, i swear like EVERYONE is saying that this week has been like a nightmare and really stressful :S that is like the general gist of all my friends' fb statuses. i kinda agree, as we've had two tests, just happening to be MY WORST TWO SUBJECTS :'( i flunked the science one which i'm really really upset and disappointed about, and didn't do any better on the maths one. i missed out tons of questions even though i had revised so much and KNEW how to do them. i just always panic and forget on the spot. :( omg i am actually dreading getting the result. my mum is actually going to kill me if i do bad. well she is asian, that's not a shock.
so yeah, generally not a good week. and found out something really upsetting which i can't tell you loyal followers i'm afraid cos it is a secret but yeah. if you like you can guess. but you probably won't. cos i don't even think anyone reads my blog tbh. i don't blame them, it's not terribly exciting :L MLIA.
oh i just love mary. she is too cool. she is my asian explosion and i am her cherry pye. woooo :) this is a short snippit from our recent convo like 2 seconds ago:

ba da bum baa


ba dum bum chhh


ba da dadadaaaa brrrrrrrrrrrchhh


bada ba dum dee dum bum shhhhhhhh

oh yes because we are THAT COOL. :P


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

polka dots are what i live for.

how awesome is this new background? i'm in love.
www.shabbyblogs.com <-- the land where dreams are made of. :)

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


omg i haven't blogged for a while. but i'm here now so don't fear. :p
well this blog isn't about anything in particular, just a mixture.
so first topic: CROATIA. :D basically, we are going on a trip next year to croatia, but in order to GO, WE HAVE TO RAISE £1,195. eer. so that's gonna be tough cookiesss. :| but i'm still up for it :) i wanna do like cake sales and me and sasha and inci and a few others are planning to go busking :P my talent is pogo sticking. so i'm taking it along. no joke. it's the only thing i can do..
but yeah, i'm so excited :O and i just google image stalked croatia, and OMG IT IS BUFFFF :O SUNNY WATERFALLS AND TURQUOISE OCEANS <3>

OMG I AM SO ANNOYED. I JUST TYPED SOME FAAAAAT THING ALL ABOUT GENERAL CRAP GOING ON IN MY LIFE AND STUFF AND IT GOT DELETED NOOOOOOOOOO :@ oh well. all you need to know is that i have a maths test tomorrow and i am on fb and blogging. that should basically explain itself.
so yeah i'm gonna cut this off now cos i know if i carry on, i will just keep typing for like ever.
so laterrrrrrrrrrr. :)
oh and one more thing, HOW AMAZING IS THIS.

and also, after reading my mate mary's blog, i had some sudden urge to post a baby pic of myself so here you go... :L