Saturday, 20 March 2010

trident splash.

yo yo yo. :)
i am sorry i have not blogged for so long, i just have nowt to blog about. :/
and i still haven't got anything to write about...but i'm bored and it depresses me when you go on someone's blog and you see the same old blog post again and again (ahem mary :P) so i didn't want to be one of those people :D
okay i will talk about what i did today :)
well i went to kingston with my dad, sister and bro.
and didn't buy anything.
but i saw something i loveeeeeeee in that little vintage shop on london road next to the knocked down telephone boxes. :p
i don't go in there much-the smell really creeps me out and reminds me of old people, sorry.-but i just had a look today and there was this AWESOME rolling stones badge kinda thing in like black and white with neon stripes sort of. i'm rubbish at describing stuff. :/ actually no i'm lying, it didn't even have neon stripes. they were like fluorescent splodges? haha something like that. :P
but it was soooooooo cool. :D
and then we went to pizza hut yay :D
and i got a wedding invite ooh :O next saturday. omg that day is gonna be so hectic. i'm going to specsavers in the morning, then going to the wedding, THEN going to matilda's party STRAIGHT after :P ha. btw if you're wondering how i could go to a wedding on the same day as all that, it's my dad's friend from work's DAUGHTER'S wedding so we're obviously not close haha, so it's not the actual wedding ceremony, just a dinner party thing at a hotel.
omg i can't wait for it all. :D yay.
and also, please please PLEAAAASE mention/link me in your next blog post! it will only take up 1 precious line! and it will make a big diff for me, i only have 9 followers. :/ and i promise to mention you too if you do :D
oh and also i am currently eating trident splash, that explains the post title. yummmm.
laterrrrrrrrrr :)


  1. aww Mariam :) I know what you mean about seeing the same post haha. I'll mention you on my blog once i have something to write. I can't follow your blog, there's no "follow" button :( x

  2. haha init :) OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG :O noooooo i can't believe it! :'( that's why i have like no followers! :O

  3. I wanted to follow you ages ago but I couldn't find the button :( Unless I'm already a follower, i dunno? :P Don't worry i've only got 4 too!! x

  4. anita go to the top of the page! and there is a follow button, i have just remembered :D next to 'share'.

    I just clicked it and it says I'm already following you :P x

  6. oh. :P loool :L what an anti climax. haha thank you though :D

  7. LINK ME TOO, people.
    i feel so un-followed.
    and dude, that vintage shop is paradiseeeee

  8. hehhee you have such a cute blog :)
    your posts makes me smile
    stop by some time xx

  9. through the lens: I WILL I WILL! next post i promise :)
    Margaret: omg thankyou so much! :D you just made my day. you are the first person i don't know to comment on my blog :p
    i have done and i am now following ;) please follow too!

  10. I always go there to buy clothes, I love it. I bought these gorgeous, bally shoes but they broke. and a hard circular vinatge bag but it broke. ahaa. I started the trend of going there ;) aha. You should have bought it :(

  11. aha, my mum always drags me in there, she ADORES IT :O
    you did not phoebe :P i always used to go by force :/ and then get lost in there. it is surprisingly huge!
    i know, i had no money :'(
    aah well. next time :)

  12. trident is amazing. and then that other chewing gum, 3 copied it but made it better with the popping things.
    i know what you mean about the old-man vintage cigarette smell!
    your blog did the same blasty-music again!

  13. i know init! but i love 3 too. it's so minty fresh :)
    HAAA :L i have had SO many complaints about hte stupid song :p
    i am going to change it :D
    but i don't know how..


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