Thursday, 4 March 2010

this is for mary.

well hello there. mary like begged me to do this blog cos she is 'bored' and wants something to read i think. well sorry asian explosion but this might be a disappointment haha, i have zilch to write about. so here i go:
well firstly, i'm getting sick of polka dots :/ i am going to change it in a tick. i thought they were nice and usually like them but this background should reflect on me as a person and it really doesn't. after all the blog is about me. omg that sounds really self centred when you put it like that ahaa. :|
and also, i swear like EVERYONE is saying that this week has been like a nightmare and really stressful :S that is like the general gist of all my friends' fb statuses. i kinda agree, as we've had two tests, just happening to be MY WORST TWO SUBJECTS :'( i flunked the science one which i'm really really upset and disappointed about, and didn't do any better on the maths one. i missed out tons of questions even though i had revised so much and KNEW how to do them. i just always panic and forget on the spot. :( omg i am actually dreading getting the result. my mum is actually going to kill me if i do bad. well she is asian, that's not a shock.
so yeah, generally not a good week. and found out something really upsetting which i can't tell you loyal followers i'm afraid cos it is a secret but yeah. if you like you can guess. but you probably won't. cos i don't even think anyone reads my blog tbh. i don't blame them, it's not terribly exciting :L MLIA.
oh i just love mary. she is too cool. she is my asian explosion and i am her cherry pye. woooo :) this is a short snippit from our recent convo like 2 seconds ago:

ba da bum baa


ba dum bum chhh


ba da dadadaaaa brrrrrrrrrrrchhh


bada ba dum dee dum bum shhhhhhhh

oh yes because we are THAT COOL. :P



  1. omg how do you do that? the fb chatt thingy? don't worry i'm sure you'll get amazing :) and i am very honoured for that "mary" song by jls :) puh typical asian parents are bare strict :/ i am feeding your fishies food :)

  2. haha i just copy and pasted it and then it came like that, bare cool! i was like woaaah :p
    haha yay :) omg i heard it aaaaaaages ago, like a year ago and i suddenly realised yesterday that your name is mary and i was like omg :L
    init man. grrr.
    haha ty :) they get hungry :/
    the yellow one is called sunny.
    the red one is called marzipan.
    and the green one is called chong.

  3. i am going to guess.
    you're pregnant.
    am i riiiiight??

  4. I so know what you mean about freaking out in tests, I do that with every single one! and maths well, I've only got like 4 months left and then I'm free!

    Secrets are never a good thing, a secret shared is a secret halved, and I'm not suggesting you tell the whole internet, but its always good to get it off your chest to someone you trust, I went through the same thing and few months ago, it helps so much


  5. through the lens- good guess my friend. not quite i'm afraid. although THAT would be interesting. :P

    eve-rei: the thing is, it's not my secret to share if you get me! it's a friend's secret, and it's just between us, and by telling on my blog it would upset her, as it's to do with her personal issues ;)
    so don't worry about me, i'm not feeling agitated or anything.
    but thanks for being so caring :)
    oh and also, i know right! it only happens for my two worst subjects, science and maths as they are the ones i'm worst at. are you doing gcse's? :/ good luck!


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