Friday, 26 March 2010

discovery child.

helloooo. :)
i have started to blog more often cos i am not getting much homework these days, as easter is next week YAAAY :)
omgosh i am so excited.
but that is another story.
right now, i wanted to show you some stuff that i either bought or dug up a few days ago in my too big cupboard.
first is these awesome glasses :) i got them a while ago from warehouse and just found them like a couple of days ago yay :) i thought i'd lost them :O
these are pretty cool.

please ignore the disgusting creased bedsheet and the bad quality pictures, they are from my webcam.

next is this beaded charm bracelet thingy (ignore my describing, i don't know fancy fashion terms or whatever-until about a month ago i thought gingham was pronounced 'jinjum'.) but yeah anyway, my sister was feeling kind so she bought me this from accessorize about 2 weeks ago. and yesterday my form tutor was wearing the exact same one. which put me off slightly. but oh well. :P she isn't even old anyway which is good, only like 23 i think.

i think my duvet cover really matches it :D

anyway, next up is this gold chained strawberry necklace from toppyshopppp :)
i don't really buy a lot from topshop tbh, but i saw this and loved it and then my sister bought it for me the next day :) i wasn't even with her when i saw it but somehow she knew :O she was also feeling very kind. note that she is NOT NORMALLY KIND. NO WAAAAAY.

these photo's really do not do it justice :S it is a lot nicer in real life like a lot of stuff. partly cos the colour on my webcam is dark and rubbish. :/ but bare with me yeah?

there it is. but it doesn't look that great. much nicer in real life :|

last but not least, i found these leopard print mocassin kinda shoes? i think that's what they are anyway :p but yeah i got these like last june or something :O but i have only wore them twice. and they were buried at the bottom of my shoe pile until i rescued them last week :D
again, the colour is nicer that it appears on webcam. ;)

oh and these beauts are only from primark :)

i want your opinions :)
and please follow :P


  1. I ♥ the necklace :) Wouldn't say 23 though more like 35 :P HAHA.

  2. like the shades and necklace ;)
    Swamped in flowers

  3. hi! you commented on my blog!!!! hahaha. i got my background on the cutest blog on the block its called All the Hype

  4. thank you everyone :)
    funny;;fashionable;;fabulous: i did indeed :) oh thankyou! <3

  5. your pictures don't show up!

  6. really? oh dear. i think they do for everyone else :/

  7. great finds/buys! love those ballerinas!!



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