Monday, 8 March 2010

me in a nutshell.

ello ello ello.
today i am going to do a '5 things i cannot live without' style post. i was going to do 10 things but i'm going to bed soon and i need the toilet. :/
okay so here goes.
1. i'm just gonna get the obvious out of the way, the whole family and friends blah blah blah. but don't get me wrong, although it's common for people to list this, i still love my family and friends to bits :) they are pretty amazing and make me laugh. the latter more so. :P <3

2. JLS. omgosh. if you don't know me, then you have yet to know (well actually you've probably guessed from my name) that i am a TOTAL JLS OBSESSED MANIAC. :O :O :O i will buy any magazine if there is the teeniest hint of JLS on the cover. i have the hoodie, tee shirt, book, calendar, bracelet and several thousand posters. literally. AAAAAAAAAH I GET SO WORKED UP WHEN I TALK ABOUT THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST TOO AMAZING AND I WANT TO SLAP ANYONE WHO SHOWS EVEN A HINT OF NOT LIKING THEM BECAUSE HOW COULD YOU NOT THEY ARE SENSATIONAL AND ASTON MERRYGOLD IS JUST WOW.

3. my laptop. i am actually obsessed and cannot go a single day without it. that is really bad i'm aware :/ but i just love it. espesh facebook. i have some mental block if i don't go on fb during the day, and love that moment when i sign in after school and see what the world is getting up to. well not the world but my friends. but it just sounded cooler like that. but yeah, i am actually obsessed. and i love celebrity googling and researching and youtubing WAY too much. :| aaah.

4. cherry carmex lipbalm. mmmm. the softest most yummy nicest smelling lipbalm everrrrr. and sometimes, i accidentally eat a bit. rank i know. but it's just too darnnn good. :O
aaah this thing is just the ultimate buffness.

5. eer i am actually struggling to think of this one. oh yes i have it now. i just sat here for 5 minutes trying to think. i came up with: MY RIVER ISLAND BIKER BOOTS. i got these boots from 4 of my best buds Sasha, Claire, Gee and Nay for my birthday in january. they cost £65.00 and are the most amazing, comfy boots in the world. they go with anything and everything and i love them too much. <3>

SO, THAT'S ME. :) sorry that i put very typical things such as laptop, family etc. but it's just the truth. that's me. :p once again, if you have managed to read up until this point without boring yourself to death then i reaaaaally love you. please comment down there! you have no idea how happy i get when you do :D <3


  1. Mariam this is too cute :) You should have said you cant go without your laptop for a day because you are addicted to blogging :P I always eat lip balm :D I love you.

  2. aww yay! thankyou you wonderful child. i know, that would have earned me a few more fans on this blogger thing :P omg same! too cool aren't we. i love you too.

  3. CARMEX.
    omg, for christmas i got the carmex you get in the tube thing and it was rank!!!!! like actually, tastes gross but i love the smell and the way it leaves my lips feeling minty and cold! Next time will def be getting the pot ones!

  4. eurgh the tube does taste disgusting doesn't it! it's all about the tin ;)
    omg init! and it's really tingly and fresh :D

  5. haha theres a page in my magazine with jls on it. do you want it?

  6. lol which magazine? cos i just got a few the other day so i probs have it.

  7. its from heat the december one.


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