Saturday, 6 March 2010

yay. :)

yo :)
i am really really happy today. :D
well i have reason to be- i was pleased with my maths test result, which i'm not going to reveal on here because it will sound bad, but i know that i revised my socks off and did the best i could. and the best thing is my mum was really happy so yay ;)
and also, today i just feel really happy. and my mum got me two magazines and a cream egg as a get well soon present for my HPV jab that i had on my arm on......wednesday i think it was?
cos i was complaining this morning and it has swollen up. and i got sympathy gifts, wooo :)
and omg, i was reading the copy of Bliss, and suddenly, i turned the page and BAM, my year 9 friend rosie's face was there on a 4 page spread on how to apply makeup for peachy autumn tones or something! i was like woaaaah :O that is so amazing. and she is so stunning. you can find her lookbook here. check it out, she has some coool looks. <3
and another reason to be happy, i might be going to ikea tomorrow :P YESSSSS. i actually LOVE ikea. who wouldn't? and the restaurant. aaah. :p
sorry i don't upload many pictures with my blogs, i like having visuals to look at too, rather than just reading a pile of nonsense. but there aren't many appropriate pictures to go with what i say :/
one more thing, check out my bubba phoebe's lookbook, she got it recently and has already uploaded some buff looks. and she has a blog which you can find here too. ;)


  1. AH, rosie told me she was going to be in it. but she told me it would be 'ugly'. silly billy.

  2. omg i think we were gonna go to ikea but 've got plans.

  3. through the lens: it was actually so stunning. :O
    Mary Lee: haha we didn't go then :( cos my dad's sat nav broke and we couldn't find the way so we just went to kingston instead and we will go next week. oh and we are discussing going to dubai again in may, OMG YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY :D you have no idea how much i love dubai <3

  4. Omg IKEA! btw this is vicki on mary's account.
    love the be a deer thing on the side.
    and omg sympathy gifts! i'm jealous, i think everyone's was meant to swell up.
    ooh love your fish too.

  5. init ikea is AMAZING :O
    aha thanks. ;)
    lol really? :P i just felt some bump and i was like omg mum i have some fat bump on my arm and she was like woah that's big, rest your arm and don't do any chores today so i was like wooo :D
    thanks, i love them too. please feed them :)


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