Wednesday, 24 February 2010


aah i'm finally getting a chance to blog about monday's events. :)
as i mentioned in an earlier blog, it was naomi's party, and we (sasha, me, claire, georgia, inci, crystal, sam and of course naomi) went shopping in convent garden, then to wagamamas♥ and then to see LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL :O
everything was actually AMAAAAZING :D it was so much fun. we went to lush in covent garden and spent quite a bit of time there, i normally hate lush but it smelt and looked and in some cases, even tasted gorgeous :P (hint it was bubblegum lip butter that i tasted, not soap or anything.)
the lady who worked there was awesome and she gave us all hand manicure thingys depending on our skin type :) i got the chocolate butter cos my facial skin is quite oily if i don't moisturise, and it turns out chocolate is the cure for oil :p

that's mine and claire's hand there, i'm the one on the left. you probably already could tell cos i had the chocolate butter. but hey ho. btw that smelt DEELISH. :)

then, we met the most awesome man omg :O he was another lush worker, and he was just SO COOL :D we didn't catch his name unfortunately. maybe cos he never threw it. haha. but yeah, he was from venezuala and had the coolest accent ever :P he gave me some lavender reed stick thing, and a few minutes later i was absent mindedly biting it and he was like 'i put that in my ear you know'. just imagine that in some kinda camp, americanish venezualan squeaky accent :L he was a bit of a ledge. oh and he wore those 3D glasses :D


me drinking a body butter cocktail. nice. ignore the face, i don't know what the hell i was doing.

after lush, we looked around the rest of covent garden and knocked over some man's bag stall by accident. btw, i would just like to say that i DID NOT knock them over, i was on the other side of the pole :L just to clarify that. but some of us did. word of advice, don't ever knock over an irish man's bag stall. he gets MAAAAAAAAAAAAD. in an irish accent 'what the hell, pick them up now, clumsy children. no, don't just stand there, ALL OF YOU NOW! you've come to covent garden today, and you've behaved disgracefully like stupid embarrassments. you're a disgrace to whoever educated you! NOW GET OUT.' craaap. we ran. :L

After shopping for like 10 years, we went to wagamamas :D yum. that was followed by legally blonde, which was AMAAAAAAAAAAZING! :O omg good. and for those gavin and stacey fans, the lead was played by sheridan smith who plays rudi smith or something. she was so cute :)

then we came out and sang and danced on london bridge in the middle of the night. we had been inspired :P 'OMIGOD, OMIGOD YOU GUYSSSSS!'

after a tiringggggggggggggggggggg day i got home at like 11.30 and was flat out snoring. -.-

later ;) <3

Sunday, 21 February 2010

pins and needles.

supppppp. :)
as i write this, i have pins and needles in my left leg/foot. now, unlike most people, i LOVE the feeling of having pins and needles. i actually dunno why. i just love the tingling sensation. haha. this is beginning to sound dodgy so i'm just gonna stop.
moving on, today is the 3rd last day of half term. AAAAH. :'( it's during the holidays that i realise just how depressing school is. and yet i dare to moan when i'm just sitting there on my laptop to mary that i'm 'bare bored'. i'd much rather be bare bored than be sitting in school with ms clark's man voice booming stuff at me in maths. :S
i'm gonna move on to a happier topic, otherwise i might kill myself of depression. :|
ooh, it's naomi's party tomorrow! OMG i am actually SO excited.

we are going to covent garden, then wagamamas and then to a theatre in london to see LEGALLY BLONDE :D which, btw, is apparently much better than the movie :) although i must admit i still did enjoy the movie. :p
i'm gonna skidaddle now. seeya later alligator(s). ;)

Friday, 19 February 2010

pals :)

ok, my friend mary gave me an awesome idea.
i'm going to write a blog all about my 'cooler than ice cubes' friends :D
everyone mentioned here is amazing and i love you <3
okay to start off, there's my watson 8 :) that's 8 including me. this 8 consists of:
SASHA BOBAK. <---- or lee roy/sashini/sbobak1/basha1 as she is also known. she is a bit too cool, and loves making movies and acting. we both love lizzie, aka B&Q IMMENSELY. lizzie is the life and soul of every party and she is amazing without even realising it. there is only one of my followers who will know lizzie is, and that's vicki- LIZZIE IS THE WATSON HOUSE REP GIRL. :D well i think vicki will know...she is is watson after all.

CLAIRE ENRIGHT. <---- she is actually a bit of a gangster :D she calls MSN 'mussun'. :) she is just fab. <3

INCI MEHMET. <---- inci makes me 'lol' on a daily basis =] she is amazing at golf and various other stuff like singing One Time with me and punching lockers. <3

SAHHEE/SAM LEE. <---- sam is a bit of a legend :D but she is pretty rubbish at laughing competitions. :P

CRYSTAL CHO. <---- crystal makes me laugh without even realising it/intending to be funny most of the time :) she is too cute. and she says the only word to sum up Malvolio from 12th Night is a 'b****' :L

GEE KANDRETTIS <---- georgia is my twin for life. she is too cool and we both loooove the scottish girl. :')

NAOMI KELLY <---- naomi is so cute and funny and amazing. our theme song for life is 'GOLD, ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOUR SOUL, YOU'VE GOT THE POWER TO KNOW!'

PHEW. that's the watson 8, my bestest buds. there are a few more that i am just going to list. it doesn't mean i don't love you as much, it's just my eyes and hands hurt so i'm gonna make it quick:

MARY :D she is a bit too cool and i love her. MYMATHS FOREVER :') we love saying 'bare bored' to eachother, minimum about 200 times a day? probs more. we don't talk that much in school cos we hardly ever see eachother, it's normally just a hey in the corridor :p but i love her just as much as everyone else. <3>

oh and i would just like to point out, i do not have a rash or anything on my chin, it's a sherbet beard. haha. i'm not the cleanest of eaters eh? :/

okay, a few more friends ;)

Phoebe. :D
Ella. :)
Lauren. :)
Matilda. :)
Camilla. :)
Eve. :P


snip snip.

yo. you'll start to realise as you read my blogs that 'yo' is my kinda greeting.
today, i got a hair cut. it turned out nicer than i thought, but there is still something weird about it that i can't quite put my finger on. but on the whole, i'm pleased. it was quite quick, but there was still a typical awkward convo with the hairdresser about school and what i'm up to in half term. i was saved then by someone switching on the radio to capital fm, my fave and THE best radio station. phew.
as i was getting my hair cut, BEAT AGAIN CAME ON. this is the third time in a row where i've been having a haircut in Andrea's of Kingston and beat again comes on the radio. i think it's fate. :D

here is a picture, showing the basic hairstyle. PLEASE bare in mind that my hair was still semi wet as i took this, cos i just had a shower. hence the frizzyness :S and it looked a lot nicer when it was first cut. :|

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

wet hair.

it's 11pm and i'm lying in some literally spaz position on my bed. i don't know why i'm typing this. i don't know what lured me to this site again, but even though i don't know anyone or anything about it, it is kinda addictive. i have two followers. get in there :p i just had a hot shower and my hair is semi wet, i hate this stage as it is not completely wet, and not dry. just kinda dampish. doesn't feel cool. there is no one worth talking to on facebook, but i can't bring myself to clicking on that log out button. i'm gonna hop it now. my eyes are tired. goodbye. 8)

so far, so good.

for safety purposes, i am going to call myself 'garnet' in these blogs. this is because it's my birthstone. so you've already learnt two things about me. i'm born in january and i don't want any creeps stalking my blog. haha. so, this is my first blog. i wanna say 'of many' but i'm lazy and probably cba to do more than a couple.
i only made this blog because it's half term and i'm INCREDIBLY bored. and also because my friend Denzil (real name also disclosed) made me. well she gave me a boost of confidence :p
well i've got nothing to write about in this blog. that's because my life is pretty boring. or maybe i'm just boring. either way, i have nowt to write about. :/
okay i'm gonna end this now, i'm just repeating myself and wasting time.
later suckersssss. ;)
P.S check out my friend mary's lookbook, she is pretty buuuffff <3>