Wednesday, 17 February 2010

wet hair.

it's 11pm and i'm lying in some literally spaz position on my bed. i don't know why i'm typing this. i don't know what lured me to this site again, but even though i don't know anyone or anything about it, it is kinda addictive. i have two followers. get in there :p i just had a hot shower and my hair is semi wet, i hate this stage as it is not completely wet, and not dry. just kinda dampish. doesn't feel cool. there is no one worth talking to on facebook, but i can't bring myself to clicking on that log out button. i'm gonna hop it now. my eyes are tired. goodbye. 8)


  1. my hair is wet too, as we speak. and i sincerely hope that i was not on facebook when you typed that, rudey girl.

  2. You know, you can follow yourself ;) Make that 3.
    Facebook is just an addiction.

  3. jess, of course you weren't sweet child. and vicki, i'll bare that in mind, thanks :) you've got that right.


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