Wednesday, 17 February 2010

so far, so good.

for safety purposes, i am going to call myself 'garnet' in these blogs. this is because it's my birthstone. so you've already learnt two things about me. i'm born in january and i don't want any creeps stalking my blog. haha. so, this is my first blog. i wanna say 'of many' but i'm lazy and probably cba to do more than a couple.
i only made this blog because it's half term and i'm INCREDIBLY bored. and also because my friend Denzil (real name also disclosed) made me. well she gave me a boost of confidence :p
well i've got nothing to write about in this blog. that's because my life is pretty boring. or maybe i'm just boring. either way, i have nowt to write about. :/
okay i'm gonna end this now, i'm just repeating myself and wasting time.
later suckersssss. ;)
P.S check out my friend mary's lookbook, she is pretty buuuffff <3>

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