Friday, 19 February 2010

snip snip.

yo. you'll start to realise as you read my blogs that 'yo' is my kinda greeting.
today, i got a hair cut. it turned out nicer than i thought, but there is still something weird about it that i can't quite put my finger on. but on the whole, i'm pleased. it was quite quick, but there was still a typical awkward convo with the hairdresser about school and what i'm up to in half term. i was saved then by someone switching on the radio to capital fm, my fave and THE best radio station. phew.
as i was getting my hair cut, BEAT AGAIN CAME ON. this is the third time in a row where i've been having a haircut in Andrea's of Kingston and beat again comes on the radio. i think it's fate. :D

here is a picture, showing the basic hairstyle. PLEASE bare in mind that my hair was still semi wet as i took this, cos i just had a shower. hence the frizzyness :S and it looked a lot nicer when it was first cut. :|


  1. love the cut :D
    suits you ♥

  2. capital is the one :)
    about the photo, when you upload it, at the bottom, it says "right" "centre" or "left", click "centre" obvs :) hope that helps.

  3. i am in such a pickle about radio stations. i loathe most of the music on capital, but then again it's catchy. and there are no indie stations. like, good ones. i used to listen to zane lowe, cos he loves arctic monkeys like meeee, but he's so annoying i gave up.

  4. thanks amen :)
    oooh i see vicki. cos stupid me thought that it meant the writing would sort of come around it if you get me? so it would be in the centre of a big paragraph. anyway, thanks for the help. :)
    haha jess. indie music is mostly good, but i prefer chart stuff tbh. especially a certain JLS. <3

  5. aww thanks yae jin :) i miss you on fb :P


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