Wednesday, 24 February 2010


aah i'm finally getting a chance to blog about monday's events. :)
as i mentioned in an earlier blog, it was naomi's party, and we (sasha, me, claire, georgia, inci, crystal, sam and of course naomi) went shopping in convent garden, then to wagamamas♥ and then to see LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL :O
everything was actually AMAAAAZING :D it was so much fun. we went to lush in covent garden and spent quite a bit of time there, i normally hate lush but it smelt and looked and in some cases, even tasted gorgeous :P (hint it was bubblegum lip butter that i tasted, not soap or anything.)
the lady who worked there was awesome and she gave us all hand manicure thingys depending on our skin type :) i got the chocolate butter cos my facial skin is quite oily if i don't moisturise, and it turns out chocolate is the cure for oil :p

that's mine and claire's hand there, i'm the one on the left. you probably already could tell cos i had the chocolate butter. but hey ho. btw that smelt DEELISH. :)

then, we met the most awesome man omg :O he was another lush worker, and he was just SO COOL :D we didn't catch his name unfortunately. maybe cos he never threw it. haha. but yeah, he was from venezuala and had the coolest accent ever :P he gave me some lavender reed stick thing, and a few minutes later i was absent mindedly biting it and he was like 'i put that in my ear you know'. just imagine that in some kinda camp, americanish venezualan squeaky accent :L he was a bit of a ledge. oh and he wore those 3D glasses :D


me drinking a body butter cocktail. nice. ignore the face, i don't know what the hell i was doing.

after lush, we looked around the rest of covent garden and knocked over some man's bag stall by accident. btw, i would just like to say that i DID NOT knock them over, i was on the other side of the pole :L just to clarify that. but some of us did. word of advice, don't ever knock over an irish man's bag stall. he gets MAAAAAAAAAAAAD. in an irish accent 'what the hell, pick them up now, clumsy children. no, don't just stand there, ALL OF YOU NOW! you've come to covent garden today, and you've behaved disgracefully like stupid embarrassments. you're a disgrace to whoever educated you! NOW GET OUT.' craaap. we ran. :L

After shopping for like 10 years, we went to wagamamas :D yum. that was followed by legally blonde, which was AMAAAAAAAAAAZING! :O omg good. and for those gavin and stacey fans, the lead was played by sheridan smith who plays rudi smith or something. she was so cute :)

then we came out and sang and danced on london bridge in the middle of the night. we had been inspired :P 'OMIGOD, OMIGOD YOU GUYSSSSS!'

after a tiringggggggggggggggggggg day i got home at like 11.30 and was flat out snoring. -.-

later ;) <3


  1. haha the stool bit is funny.
    and that thing from lush looks like poo! hahah.
    haha that man is funny.

  2. wow, sounds awesome. and AAAAH, RUDI?
    i love gavin and stacey.
    naughty naughty, poor bag man.

  3. haha init mary. it was so scary though. :/
    i know that's what we were all saying :p but it smelt much nicer.

    yep, rudi :D she was so cute and had the best american accent!
    urgh it wasn't even me. :|


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