Sunday, 21 February 2010

pins and needles.

supppppp. :)
as i write this, i have pins and needles in my left leg/foot. now, unlike most people, i LOVE the feeling of having pins and needles. i actually dunno why. i just love the tingling sensation. haha. this is beginning to sound dodgy so i'm just gonna stop.
moving on, today is the 3rd last day of half term. AAAAH. :'( it's during the holidays that i realise just how depressing school is. and yet i dare to moan when i'm just sitting there on my laptop to mary that i'm 'bare bored'. i'd much rather be bare bored than be sitting in school with ms clark's man voice booming stuff at me in maths. :S
i'm gonna move on to a happier topic, otherwise i might kill myself of depression. :|
ooh, it's naomi's party tomorrow! OMG i am actually SO excited.

we are going to covent garden, then wagamamas and then to a theatre in london to see LEGALLY BLONDE :D which, btw, is apparently much better than the movie :) although i must admit i still did enjoy the movie. :p
i'm gonna skidaddle now. seeya later alligator(s). ;)


  1. ms clark's man voice? haha, i've never noticed it. she's awesome.

  2. WHAT! she has the deepest voice ever :O and she has spat on me numerous times when she talks- lucky me in the front row. -_- and I know vicki mmm :)


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