Friday, 19 February 2010

pals :)

ok, my friend mary gave me an awesome idea.
i'm going to write a blog all about my 'cooler than ice cubes' friends :D
everyone mentioned here is amazing and i love you <3
okay to start off, there's my watson 8 :) that's 8 including me. this 8 consists of:
SASHA BOBAK. <---- or lee roy/sashini/sbobak1/basha1 as she is also known. she is a bit too cool, and loves making movies and acting. we both love lizzie, aka B&Q IMMENSELY. lizzie is the life and soul of every party and she is amazing without even realising it. there is only one of my followers who will know lizzie is, and that's vicki- LIZZIE IS THE WATSON HOUSE REP GIRL. :D well i think vicki will know...she is is watson after all.

CLAIRE ENRIGHT. <---- she is actually a bit of a gangster :D she calls MSN 'mussun'. :) she is just fab. <3

INCI MEHMET. <---- inci makes me 'lol' on a daily basis =] she is amazing at golf and various other stuff like singing One Time with me and punching lockers. <3

SAHHEE/SAM LEE. <---- sam is a bit of a legend :D but she is pretty rubbish at laughing competitions. :P

CRYSTAL CHO. <---- crystal makes me laugh without even realising it/intending to be funny most of the time :) she is too cute. and she says the only word to sum up Malvolio from 12th Night is a 'b****' :L

GEE KANDRETTIS <---- georgia is my twin for life. she is too cool and we both loooove the scottish girl. :')

NAOMI KELLY <---- naomi is so cute and funny and amazing. our theme song for life is 'GOLD, ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOUR SOUL, YOU'VE GOT THE POWER TO KNOW!'

PHEW. that's the watson 8, my bestest buds. there are a few more that i am just going to list. it doesn't mean i don't love you as much, it's just my eyes and hands hurt so i'm gonna make it quick:

MARY :D she is a bit too cool and i love her. MYMATHS FOREVER :') we love saying 'bare bored' to eachother, minimum about 200 times a day? probs more. we don't talk that much in school cos we hardly ever see eachother, it's normally just a hey in the corridor :p but i love her just as much as everyone else. <3>

oh and i would just like to point out, i do not have a rash or anything on my chin, it's a sherbet beard. haha. i'm not the cleanest of eaters eh? :/

okay, a few more friends ;)

Phoebe. :D
Ella. :)
Lauren. :)
Matilda. :)
Camilla. :)
Eve. :P



  1. ah, your little chumettes.
    but how are you going to keep up writing about them for a whole blog?

  2. i meant a post :S daaaym you're pretty observant denzil :p i know, my chumettes are the greatest in the world.

  3. LOL ...who's Lizzie?

  4. dude. where the hell am i!? you are emntioned in my FIRST POST!

  5. I swear her name's not Lizzie, it's Gabby?

  6. aah i am so stupid. I meant 8W class officer person. she's a sixth might know her? anyway, haha it's not a big deal :p i feel stupid now for mentioning that, as i was thinking that she was the watson officer, not the 8w one. :S
    And Jodie, i wrote this before you got a blog. and you're not one of my best friends, sorry :p although i still love you jaderz :L <3


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