Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Shall I start writing more properly, like this?

yo :)
i have recently been thinking that i should start using capital letters when needed in my blog posts, cos this is the conclusion i came to for why i am not getting followers :p and i don't know if you think it looks messy etc.? please leave a comment.
but anyway, a while ago i blogged about a world challenge expedition to Croatia in may 2011. i am now defo going on it and have handed my first deposit in. :)
i am trying to find ways of raising money, and have come up with a few:
1) babysitting. when i came from school today i made some rubbish flyers and would have printed them but my printer is dead again. so i am printing them tomorrow in school. but yeah, i think that's always a good one to raise money ;)
2) sponsored events- e.g running. i was talking to my friend phoebe who is also going on the trip about ways we could raise money, and she said that she is doing a sponsored run organised by world challenge in may. i asked if i could come and i can, yay :p so i will be doing that. i'm so unfit though, i hate running. urgh. oh well. it's all for croatia babyyyyyy.
3) well i'm not very sure about this, as i am not one of these people like vicki or olivia who are amazingly talented when it comes to fashion and making stuff etc, well it's not just fashion tbh, i can't make anything. actually scrap this idea. now that i think about it, i don't really have a talent :P except for pogo sticking. omgggggggg. maybe i could pogo-stick-busk? :) i'll get back to you on that one.
4) of course, there are things like jumble sales and cake sales, which my friends [none of which are going to croatia :'( ] have offered to help me with.
i am running low on ideas. aaaah i'm scared :S
pleaaaaaase leave a comment with some more ideas/feedback on my current ones!
i <3333>


  1. Ahaa, what a rubbish mention :/ thanks. I like the formal idea but you didnt do it in this one ;)

  2. 1. i think the reason your followers aren't going up is because of that REAAAALLYYYY AANNOOYYYING (sorry) jls song playing every time! :P
    2. I like the way you don't use capitals :)
    3. PLEASE buy one of my jackets :P help out a fellow croatiaaer.
    x x x x

  3. LOL gotta agree with that song! lol, it has the ability to fright me every time!
    thanks for the mention ;D you should make like keyrings or hair bands or somethng cos they're pretty easy to make. ask mary to teach you cos she's good at those beadling things etc.

  4. Phoebe.Madeleine: you're lucky i mentioned you, ungrateful cow. :p yeah, i'm not liking it so much now. i'm not going to do it.
    Olivia Isabella.: HAHAH, as much as i hate to admit it you and vicki are 10000000% right. i have been meaning to get rid of it for ages :/ i have had way over a million complaints.
    vickileestyle: no problem :) yeah maybe...the thing is, i'm useless at stuff like that :/ i can't even sew basic things. :S but i will see what happens ;)

  5. AHahahhahah it's so funny! Really nice blog!
    Now I'm your follower, I hope u'll follow me too on: www.daddysneatnee.blogspot.com . See u soon! Xoxo

  6. thankyou! :D
    i have checked out your blog and love it, i shall follow now ;)

  7. Cocò: oh dear, i just went on the link you sent me and it said the blog does not exist! :S
    are you sure the url you sent is right?
    sorry about that :/


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