Friday, 12 March 2010

now you know how i spend my spare time.

supppppppp :)

due to boredom, i edited some awesome pictures that i searched long and hard for on google. i used the one and only picnik. don't laugh or whatever, i did them in a rush (i don't even know why i rushed, i have nothing else to do.) and i know they are not all perfect. some quite weird. but hey ho. oh and PLEAASE COMMENT! i actually get so happs. :) i mean, if you bothered to read this rubbish then a few extra seconds commenting wouldn't do any harm! and it lets me know that there's someone out there who's read it which is always awesome.
anyway, this is what i devised:

my personal fave is the mini cheddars one; the licorice allsorts one is horribly unprofessional and the beefeaters one..well don't even ask. i actually don't know what posessed me to do it.
anyway, i am going to be hopefully making a few more in the future, a bit more professional and thought out is what i'm aiming for. :/

laterrrrrrr. <3


  1. You weirdo, colourful cheddars and beef eaters ;) But tbh, I would like a colourful min cheddar :D This post is my favourite, ti makes me smile :D

  2. why thankyou :) but you have to admit, you really want to eat that mini cheddar. :D

  3. Hahah you're so entertaining! Picnik is amazing! I use it for my banners :) Your Photoshop skills are quite amazing and I'm not being sarcastic!

  4. aww thanks :D omg i know, it is too cool.
    hahah thank you very much :P and thanks for commenting too!

  5. ooh really? haha thank you :) that was the crap u nprofessional one :p
    and OMG, where have you been man! no blogpost for like 10 years and you are never on fb anymore :(

  6. loooool. i have no time to post anything haha. and my computer kinda crashed so i can only use the laptop and my sister always hogs it :P

  7. pft. what do you do that takes up all your time then? :p
    oh right oh dear haha. well you need to hog it back ;)

  8. :DD love themm.
    which effect did you use on the cheddars.

  9. t'ankyou my dear. :)
    eer i can't remember what it's called sorry :/
    it's some kinda pen thing and you colour it.


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