Thursday, 25 March 2010

british museum.

well on monday, our class went to the british museum in london as an art trip, to sketch some stufffff.
it was alright, a bit boring though. better than i expected however :) we just had to draw loaaaads. and really quick. and we are now continuing this as a project thing which we had to finish for homework and being the cool person that i am, i came home that day and finished it straight away.
i was going to put some of my LAUGHABLY BAAAAAAD drawings up so that i could share my amusement with people and make them laugh at them too but my stupidstupidstupid webcam isn't working. it like NEVER WORKS I SWEAR :S it comes on for 10 seconds then freezes when i look my most retarded. then i have to do 'ctrl alt delete'.
the best bit was lunch. as always. mmm.
but here are some pictures off fb, where me and my friends were trying on some BUFF HEADGEAR in the gift shop. :|
by the way, please ignore my face in the second one, the mask was wonky so it looks like my eyes are disabled. ha.

later <3>


  1. HAHA, genius masks
    looking forward to see ur drawings!

  2. i know they are too cool :D
    haha, please don't! they are really rubbish. :p
    your blog is cool :) please follow!


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