Thursday, 15 April 2010


this morning, i felt like blogging. because i was bored. as usual. but i had nothing to blog about :/ so i asked my friend mary, and she said 'ermm dunno..nature?' and i replied 'HAHAHA no. NATURE WTF?!'. but if you read the title, you'll see that i changed my mind :p i have nothing else to blog about, so this post is going to be about NATURE. :) 
i'm not going to type much, cos what can you say about nature? :/ instead, i'm just going to share a list of awesome nature pictures google lead me too, so here goes:

typical, but i had to have the whole clear sky, blue sea, palm tree and white sand kinda picture in here somewhere ;)

this is too cute. it would be even cuter if the shape in between their beaks/necks was a heart. but oh well. :)

i LOVE this picture, i'm not even sure why! i just love how it's so perfect and the colours are so vivid. aaah it's lovely to look at :)

what a rebel, diving into the water like that :p this picture is so cute and natural, yet kinda bizarre.

what a cutie :) i chose this picture cos it's so real and innocent and unlike the girls her age in england/america these days who wear jimmy choo's, have mobile phones and boyfriends. i wish i could dress up like her one day :D

well that's the end of my 'nature' blog, i know it wasn't very natureish :/ kinda rubbish actually, but hey ho. the next one will be better i promise :p 

i don't hate followers or comments, so go ahead. ;)

P.S thank you tremendously to TOM BOLA is my husband! HA! for the 'i love your blog award', it was so lovely of you :)

P.P.S thank you hugely to Phoebe.Madeleine for the sunshine award, i now have 3! :) again, very kind :D



  1. the second and third photos are so cute! <3

  2. mariam. hahahhahahahahahhahahhahaha :L

  3. shup olivia, you're clearly dying of envy. :)

  4. Wow the photos are lovely.
    Omg just read your profile, haha I'm irish and the accent ain't that amazing, though I'm from northern ireland, and the accent just sounds really gruff.


  5. OMGOSH you have an Irish accent?! I would have never thought that :) how come your sister doesn't?


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