Wednesday, 7 April 2010


hey hey hey.
if you haven't already seen these mind blowingly cool animations, then click
here to go to my friend mary's blog :D she makes the awesomest animations on the side :p
i would just like to say another big thankyou to mary too, for my 2nd sunshine award :D
i am not going to do the whole 6 people thing again, obviously. cos i've already done it. ;)
anyway, i was just thinking this morning about accents, and i was wondering what accent adam and eve had? :/ cos if you think about it, if they were the first people on the planet, then they didn't really have accents did they? cos theirs was like the original accent or something..
i dunno :S sorry, i have probably bored/confused you. well i've confused myself anyway :/ i do that a lot.
also, i was having another one of my little thinking sessions :p aha, i have them a lot :L
and i was thinking, you know how people say if you take all the bad things out of the world then it will be perfect?
well i'm not sure i agree
because if you take away all the negative
then it will be imperfect
and it is more perfect now in a way
in the same way as if you're outstanding at everything then it becomes boring
so if the world was all good
then it would be boring
and boring=imperfect
am i being a freak? :|
i think so. i'll stop with my dodgy theories now. :L
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  1. haha Mariam you crack me up :D Don't worry I think about stupid things like that aswell :P x

  2. ahah oh good :P i thought i was being really weird :/

  3. mary has too much spare time.
    and that imperfect whatever. i disagree. because the world would be so perfect that it wouldn't be boring. if you get me.
    i also always imagined adam and eve with an english accent.

  4. haha, she's too cool. :p i know you're going to disagree.
    yeah, but like, it would be so neat and good that you would get sick of it, and want some excitement and danger or whatever.
    hmmm. but then aren't they from jerusalem or whatever? correct me if i'm wrong, i don't read the bible.

  5. in adam and eve's time there was no such thing as accents. cos it was just them two, no-one knew what accents were. and there would only be one accent. so accents wouldn't exist.
    do you get me.
    and if the world's perfect, it can't be boring, because it's perfect :)
    boredom would not exist.

  6. yeah, that's what i said ;)
    when i was talking about the original accent bit or something.
    very true if you put it like that. hmmmm.
    i have some re-thinking to do. :p

  7. hey honey. thanks for commenting on my blog :) and of course for following! I'm glad you like it :)

    I'll follow you too :)

  8. Love this! random thoughts like this entertain me...defo following this :) take a look at mine?

    much love x

  9. Allegra: omg you replied :D yay.
    thankyou ;)

    Leanne: ahah i'm glad :D thankyou ;) of course :) <3


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