Saturday, 10 April 2010

karlie kloss...

yo. :)
okay, so i'm going to talk about karlie kloss. yeah yeah i know everyone has been talking about her lately, but that is the reason why i want to talk.
i'm not a vogue and ss10 (those were my fashion references :L) kinda person, so i didn't really know who karlie kloss was until a few weeks ago. and then i was reminded of her yesterday when i went to harrods (i am blogging about this later) and saw a huge wall feature of her at the dior counter. tbh, after googling her a few minutes ago, i don't think that her dior feature really shows off her beauty to the max, and she looks a lot prettier in some other pictures, like these:

this was for american vogue a while back, in november 09. it was part of a joint shoot with lily donaldson who i LOVE. i HATE this skirt. and the hair. the top and jacket are nice although not together. actually i'm not here to talk about the clothes so i'll move on to the next picture.

she looks so typical russian here don't you think! her face. i love this picture, but OMG I WANT TO STAB MYSELF WHEN I LOOK AT THAT DRESS. EURGHHH. even though aqua is my favourite colour. but ewww man. and her hair is looking a bit lank. but i love this picture still.

BEST. PICTURE. EVER. omg. i love every single tiny thing about this picture. there is nothing i can single out that is not right. hair=glossy and thick and dead straight and long. eyes=makeup is woooow and they are so long and slender :) aah wow i'm not going to go through everything, it would take a while. but i love this shot too much.

this is my second favourite. she looks beautiful. :O it's so natural and innocent :) and her lips are so pouted and her eyebrows are so daaaym arched! <3

well that's what i think about karlie kloss, please leave a nice little comment saying whether you agree or not and your thoughts, i really love reading them :)

another thing: my background. i've changed it to this polka dot one which is lovely (: because i was sick of the old one. but then i found another one which i kinda liked too and i am indecisive. so i print screened them (yeah i know) and i need your help. so again, leave a comment saying which you prefer.

last thing- i thought i might add for those of you who don't know, karlie kloss is only 16 :O so wow.



  1. karlie kloss is MYYYYYYY girl crush <3 you guys are so slow! i discovered her beauty two years ago when she was in the topshop ads :)
    but gotta agree BEAUTIFUL and nice choice in models, lily donaldson is also <3 but it's time for the old models to give way to the new.

    ALSO she's a ballerina <3

  2. btw, hate the second pic but that's cos she looks weird and young, probably taken like 5 years ago. love the other photos though!

  3. shup, i'm not into fashion that much :P
    she is still your girl crush do not worry ;)
    ooh just like you then isn't she? :D same age too.
    in that first picture, she could pass for 25.
    yeah i know :/ haha not 5 :p she would be 11.
    i don't like that pic much either tbh, i don't know why i put it. and i lied aswell, i was like 'i love it'. :L i don't.

  4. really? ohhhh.
    i thought she did cos i swear in one blog post she was talking about going on pointe or something?

  5. lol, yeah i'm a scrape :/ i have pointe shoes and can go on pointe but have never done ballet in my life ://// scrape much.

    alsoo, in interviewed brynja through facebook and i swear i did know about her! cos i remember telling you that i was happs that her and hrefna added me as friends on fb.

  6. really!? i swear i was like 'there is this other girl called brynja or bryjna from reykjavik' and you were like oh i haven't heard of her :p
    i dunno, i'm probs mistaken :S
    ahah, scrape ;) lol pointe seems so hard! i tried it once and nearly died man :/

  7. omg i love the secon to last picture its amazing

  8. wow! i also love that photo that you love! she looks beautifulll!! wow wow wow!

  9. olivias-pizzaz= i know, isn't it just!
    thanks for the comment :)

    Claudia Laurel Bell: i know, it's such a beaut. <3

  10. Karlie Kloss is pretty phenomenal!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm following you now as well!

    - Katie


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