Saturday, 1 May 2010


hello there, i am in a very excited mood :)
and i have some good news; you know last post i was talking about wanting to interview someone?
well that someone was the amazing eve rei, and she agreed to it, and here are the questions and answers :)
please check out her blog, it is honestly mind blowingly cool and refreshing. :D

1.) who is your one style icon? 

Grace Kelly. Her timeless elegance is always something I've strived for. 
Her style is pitch perfect and never ever  faltered. 
Also Molly Ringwald, especially in the John's Hughes films. 
She made style eclectic, and her choice of colours is spectacular. 

2.) if you could be any single person, alive or dead, for 
the day who would you pick? 
I'd love to have a day on stage, so maybe someone like Anna 
Friel, then I could act all day and leave at night in 
vintage beauties. I'd loved to have been a queen, so maybe 
lady Jane Grey, though before she got the chop. 

3.) what is the weirdest thing you've heard come out of 
anyone's mouth that you can remember? 
My brother singing 'Bounce' 

4.) when did you realize/decide that you had a big interest 
in fashion and maybe want to pursue it as a career? 
My mum was the one that dressed me when I was little, so 
from being dressed in navies and blacks at a young age, I 
felt drawn to all things fluffy and pink. I find talking 
about 'finding fashion' really strange, I guess for me I 
just put on a skirt one day and decided that I didn't want 
to where it the next. From there I just always tried to look 
nice, for myself, and different each day, like a little 
game. I've always loved the sound of my mum's sewing 
machine, so it seemed as like a natural progression to go 
onto make clothes, and finding costume was even better 
because then I can be as eccentric as I like. 

5.) what is your favourite sandwich filling? 
Crayfish and Rocket. Has to be accompanied by orange juice 
and banana cake :) 

6.) what are your pet peeves? 
Leaving the tap on when you brush your teeth and using up 
all the hot water 

7.) on a scale of 1-10, how much are you enjoying answering 
these questions right now? 
About an 8, but then -1 factoring in the fact I should be 
revising, but then +3 because I'm watching Matt Smith 

8.) the best pair of shoes/item of clothing you've owned in 
your life? 
My seaweed dress. It fitted me perfectly, was a beautiful 
colour. All until my sister ate a hole into it. So now I'd 
say my clogs + my pink hotpants. 

9.) would you rather be stung to death by bees or eaten by 
Oh eaten by bears. Actually no bees. I've saved a lot of 
bees in the past, given them my crisps and never screamed at 
them. They owe me. 

10.) thoughts on zac efron? 
man bangs = love 

i hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i did, and i hope it maybe answered some of your questions, i doubt it though :p


  1. i love reading interviews esp on those who i love! so i found this very interesting!
    have to admit to leaving the water on when i brush my teeth on though :/ always! it's like a habit!
    also loving her food choices!

  2. Yes, I must agree, I love reading interviews :)
    LOVING her sandwich filling ;)

  3. argh, something is wrong with the format of blogger so ignore the huge gaps and inconsistent font colours.

  4. the bee part is so cute but i'm actually TERRIFIED of them i'll literally scream my head off. they are so freaky! i woke up one day with a wasp right next to me on my bed and then it stung me on my collar bone :(

  5. OMG I WOULD ACTUALLY DIE IF THAT HAPPENED! aaaargh next to you :O how scary :S

  6. Thankyou for the interview, it was extremely fun, te he it would also seem as though I'm the only one that isn't scared of bees or wasps, he he :)


  7. This is the coolest :) ahaa, tilly ate a hole in it! where are you clogs from?

  8. eve-rei: pleasure, i'm glad you enjoyed it :D ha, i'm terrified too! :S
    Phoebe.Madeleine: fanks :P


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