Tuesday, 29 June 2010


i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry.
in 2 days, it will have been exactly 2 months since i last blogged.
:o aaah
that is mind blowingly terrible, i am aware. BUT i have excuses. they are pretty pathetic but listen anyways.
firstly, in the beginning of may, my laptop charger wire started coming out of the black box bit on the charger if you get me. it got to the point where i had to hold it in place with one hand and attempt to go on my laptop with the other, often failing. i tried to tape it, but it did not work. then, a few days later, i grew impatient. so i grabbed the wire and the black box thingy, and thrust the two together in attempt to make them stay that way.
now i'm not even exaggerating when i say this, but i swear on my life, giant red fireworks and sparks started coming out of the wire. as you can imagine, i yelled my face off and threw the charger on the floor.
shortly after that, it went in the bin.
this left me with no laptop, as there was no battery in it, and obvs i couldn't use the firework charger.
i told my mum and she mumbled something. i think she forgot about it, cos 2 agonising laptop-free weeks later, i asked her if she had ordered a charger yet and her reply was 'no, i expected you to do that'.
ohhhhh. my bad.
so THEN i ordered one after much anitcipation (or laziness) and it FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY came literally about 3 weeks later.
i just about died of happiness, and stuck it in the laptop without really thinking about anything, i was on cloud 5000 and i was so HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.
laptop came on fine. all was good. then, i clicked on internet. 'internet explorer cannot display the webpage'. BUGGERRRRRRRRRRRRRR. i disconnected the internet and kept trying again- it said the connection was full, and everyone else in the house had normal internet  but for some reason, my little brat of a laptop wasn't working. literally almost in tears, i told my mum and she said 'ring talk talk'. they didn't pick up. so i asked my dad who was more helpful and tried to fix it, but nothing :'(
i have tried almost everyday since then, but the same thing keeps happening so i have given up. i am currently waiting for an angel to descend and fix it.
i have been relying on my trusty iPod touch since the tragic day in may, my mum's iMac and my sister's utterly crap laptop which i am using atm (she is out with mates, she would kill me otherwise.)
tbh, not a lot has changed in the two months. :L
i'm still an average person

latersssssssssss :)


  1. Your back :) oh gosh i have missed you..
    P.M <3

  2. :D i'm glad, i think you're the only person my absence might have affected :L

  3. haha, fireworks coming out. thats what kinda happens to our lappy but its like smokey dusty stuff. lol. this post is like a story LOL


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