Saturday, 25 September 2010

latest spurges and TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETH :D

righty ho, today i am going to be doing a bit of a mish mash of a post, intertwining a couple 'a topics into one post :) so stay right there and don't move, besides scrolling down every minute or so.

firstly; i realise that i have talked about a few aspects of myself, but not really ever my fashion taste in detail. i don't really know how to sum it up, except atm i LOVE h&m and zara (not the women's section, the 'teen' section or whatever it's called)'s stuff. this includes alot of monochrome tee shirts, braces on trousers,  baggy cardigans, worker boots etc.

so here's what i've bought within the past month or so, sorry about the lack of good pictures, i've only got the ones from the actual sites because my digital camera is disgustingly bad and i didn't even want to attempt making the clothes look nice through its lense.


this is from zara, although mine differs a TIIIIIINY bit from the image- mine has a unicorn on the front as oppose to a rabbit. but it's identical in every other way :) i actually was in love with tee from the moment i saw it, cheesy as it sounds :') <3 got so many amazing outfits lined up wearing this! <3 and i have a newly developed love for braces on tee shirts/trousers, so this was actually like a sign from heaven :')


this tee-shirt represents every single thing i love about h&m's clothing, and everything i look for in a tee shirt :D monochrome- check. retro photograph- check. short sleeved- check.  and for £7.99, i'm hardly complaining :D i can see this with stonewash denim dungarees and ankle boots.


been looking for some white canvas shoes for aaaaages now, and these perfectly made the cut :D i like the way they are hi-top, not just your average canvas plimsolls. and the zip is another element that i adore! <3 and hey, £9.99. c'mon now. :D

right, that's my buys over and done with :) still counting the pennies for this absolutely AMAAAAAAZING h&m tan and khaki satchel, £29.99. it is actually the epitome of fit. :') <3

oooh another thing, i often come across the most bizarre and delightful pictures whilst surfing le net, and i thought i'd share a couple of them with you. enjoy ;)

okay, WOOWOOOOOOOOOOOOOW :D :D :D my mouth like actually fell open when i saw this. :')

i honest to god stared at this picture non-stop for about 10 minutes, i find it absolutely lush, and so aesthetically pleasing :O <3 wowsers

right, final slice of mish mash coming up;

I GOT MY BRACES OFF :D after two long, torturous years..and the best part is, they came off a month early so i wasn't even expecting it :') aaah life is so good to me sometimes. so now, i have actual HOLLYWOOOD TEEEETH :D wooo. well maybe not hollywood but they're straight and whitish at least.


<1 <2 <3


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the top with braces :D
    and ofc the legend top..
    that picture baffles me too. and loving the teeth!

  2. ahh i really want loadsa monochrome tee's! i don't have any and i think they look soo cool!

  3. love the top with braces :D
    check out my blog?

  4. LOVE the top with braces, gorgeous!
    Ella Jasmine

  5. I used to have braces too! its greta to get them off! cute blog!


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