Sunday, 19 September 2010


OH MY GOD, I WENT TO THE JLS BOOKSIGNING ON 1.9.10. IT WAS INSANELY AMAZING AND A DAY TO REMEMBER FOR EVERRRR. :D one slight dampener..i didn't actually meet jls. :/ for the following reason: there was literally a MASSSSSSIVE overload of people, and selfridges' security and organising skills for the event were absolutely APALLING! they didn't even have barriers or anything, so there was just a giant MOB of angry JLS fans waiting to see their idols, me being one of them. i woke up at 5.30. got to selfridges at 7. yes, 7am. the booksigning was due to start at 11.30, and the shop was going to open to us at 9.30 in order to purchase the book beforehand. so i thought, okay, i will get there 2.5 hours early to avoid disappointment. but ooooh noooo, my heart sunk lower than the titanic when i arrived and saw that there were already over 300 fans queueing up outside the store. i like died. regardless, i went and joined the back of the queue, and it started to PILEEEEE UPPPPP! after i had been standing around for about half an hour, this RUDEEEE security guard came out and said to the last 500 of us in the queue to go home because all 300 JLS passes have been given out already to the first 300 in the queue and none of us are going to go in, and we won't even catch a GLIMPSE of JLS AT ALL so we're just wasting our time. at that point my eyes started welling up..(cool i know..) and i honestly felt like i had just been punched! :'( but anyway, there were a few angry fans who had mini riots with him about it, but the rest of us just stayed where we were. i was expecting people to start moving slowly, but literally no one did. :L we are dedicated fans you see ;) after a few more minutes, we saw LILY ALLEN through the windows of selfridges which caused a bit of a mini riot :P ha, she is so reserved in real life! we were all like AAAAAAAH IT'S LILY ALLEN OH EM GEEE WOOOOOOOW and she would just do a timid wave every 15 minutes. :/ but still, we saw her :D after about an hour, the queue started moving..which was unusual because all the fans with the passes had already gone in to buy their books and shizzle, so the queue shouldn't be moving...i called a security guard over and asked him why this was happening..he wasn't very helpful though. so i silently mustered up a bit of hope and carried on queueing. i made 'friends' with the 3 girls in front of me from mitcham, who were the same age as me. but all the while, as horrible as it sounds, i was just thinking 'AAH I LOVE JLS MORE THAN YOU, and i WILL meet them before you aaaah'. the excitement was doing weird things to my head :P  this is an extremely long story, so i am going to cut about 2 hours of queueing and hyperness out and skip to 10am. we were all just standing there as we had been for the past 3 hours, when suddenly there was a MASS of screams from in front, and the queue started SURGING forwards. i thought 'wth' and just started running with everyone else, even though no one had a clue what was going on! turns out some sad, loserish girls had just started screaming for attention to make everyone think that JLS had arrived..urgh. this happened about 4 or 5 times more, and by that time everyone was SICK of the pathetic girls, shouting death threats and 'SHUTUPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!'s at them, me included. :p but one thing had really got me thinking- the queue to the entrance of where the 300 fans had gone in was getting nearer and nearer, something confusing but exciting! the security guards kept coming back and screaming in their cockney accents 'GIRLS GO HOME YOU WILL NOT SEE JLS' but no, we didn't listen ;) another massive surge forwards happened, and by now i was actually pretty near the entrance, excitement or what. by now, word had spread that there was a chance that we would actually get in, not to meet JLS as the books had run out but just to look at them in the flesh, which was good enough for me. there was just one last bend of a corner to go and then i would be at the entrance. i was silently squealing and probably dribbling or something..suddenly, i felt a giant *flashhhhh* and TONS of screaming. to my utter DELIGHT, i looked up and saw billions of paparazzi standing on the corner, flashing away :O right, this is my chance to be famous, i thought. :P i quickly made my way to the front and started jumping up and down and woo-ing, as other JLS fans were doing too! the paparazzi started giving us instructions on what to do, i.e JUMP IN THE AIR! or WAVE YOUR ARMS!..i gladly obided and was determined to steal the limelight (hey, i've just been told i'm not meeting JLS, i might aswel get some happiness out of the day). the queue was rapidly moving on so i tearfully parted with the paps who started flashing away behind us to the other fans. we  were actually SO close to the entrance now, i was like FREAKING OUT. :P  finally i reached the glassy haven that was the door. but to my HORROR, it was locked! greaaaaaat. i wasn't the only extremely agitated-and-angry-and-pissed off-and-totally-ANNOYEDDDD-AND-AGRIVATED fan, all the fans had gathered at the door at this point, and i highly doubt that i was the only one who couldn't breathe, it was just a huge CLUMP of angry teenage girls (and one 40 year old man, but i won't go into that...) screaming and chanting JLS lyrics and choruses of 'LET US IN, LET US IN' and 'DON'T SHOP AT SELFRIDGES, DON'T SHOP AT SELFRIDGES' which was quite amusing :') to get into the spirit of things, i joined in at the top of my voice :D soon, security guards started piling up around us and telling us to step away, which of course, we didn't listen to. and we outnumbered them vastly, so they couldn't even attempt to physically pull us away. before i knew it, police cars and police vans came speeding in and parking on the opposite side of the narrow road. the chief of police (yes, by this point i was like omg WOW, i am actually part of one of those rebel street riot things) stepped out of the van with a giant megaphone telling us to step away as there was no chance in hell that we would see JLS. true to our word, we didn't move an inch. after around half an hour, the police got bored and drove away. WOOOOO. then, word started to spread that there was another entrance round the back that wasn't lined with security guards. i practically danced/ran there, with some fellow fans following. i saw the entrance, it was like the moment when a mother sees their baby for the first time, i'm not even joking. oh wow it was beautiful. <3 i ran through with all my might and the satisfaction of once i had entered the building was second to none! :') i ran to the escalators, as i knew that JLS were on the lower ground floor. but alas they were closed off, and all the fans had started forming another clump around the escalators, because through the gaps between the escalators and floor, you could quite clearly, quite stunningly see J L S. oh wow. immediately, we started yelling and chanting to get their attention, and every 3 minutes a so, one of them would look up and wave, or laugh. and okay i am not even joking when i say this, but there was this one moment where like NO ONE was waving, so i quickly thought, lemme wave, and honest to god, Aston (the amazingest one) looked up and waved at me. i think i actually died? but yeah, i was there for about and hour or two, when JLS stood up to leave. everyone ran outside to chase their car but there was no sign of them :o we were scrambling around asking for directions and everyone was pointing us in different ways! aaah D: eventually, it was down to about 9 of us girls, as everyone else had given up and gone. and then like a bloody miracle, we were at the exit of the car park and were trying to run quickly as we heard that security were after us, JLS' giant hummer rolls out and they start driving down the backstreet of london. we actually RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN to catch up, and i ended up touching their car :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D wow.
after a hectic tube and train ride home, i flipped up my laptop and googled 'JLS selfridges book signing' to see if any of those paparazzi were actually from a goodish magazine/tabloid. first link; OK magazine website. i click on it. and bam, right there on the homepage is a picture of some JLS fans, and right on the middle, there's ME :O looking loserish but OH BLOODY WELL, I AM KIND OF FAMOUS NOW. :P

i'm the one with my arm up and the blue hoodie right in the middle, with short dark brown hair and my mouth gaping open..

straight after my little euphoria, i went onto JLS' twitter, and saw this:

^ note that JLS retweeted this to their followers. i thought ooh, and clicked on the link. it opened up, and there i saw the exact same picture as the one i have just posted, with me in it. this, for those slow ones among us, means that JLS have ACTUALLY looked at a picture that has me in it :O :O :O fascinating or what.

some pictures containing me were also featured in the metro, the evening standard and the times newspapers. :D :O and, i was told by a friend that i was on a video clip on MTV, WOWOWOOOW :D :D :D

anyway, that is basically my day in a...nutshell. :L

i understand that you have probably died or fallen asleep by now but to ANYONE who just MAAAAY have stuck with me till the end, there's no point going now without leaving a comment :D so please, feel free.


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  1. oh wow wow wow!!!
    that's great but sad in a good way, if you follow me, and kind of sort of like the time I got to meet the cast of The Lightning Thief aka FLIPPING LOGAN LERMAN...but I was, sadly, not on MTV. SO jealous.


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