Saturday, 21 August 2010


Marina and the Diamonds. My current OBSESSION and idol. :L 
Whether you like it or not, if you're living in England, you have come across her before. Not only has Marina Lambrini Diamandis cleared herself a niche in the organised chaos that is the British music industry, she has also got herself signed to a top record company in the land of uhmazingness, A-M-E-R-I-C-A itself. :O 
All this within the space of..around 2 years? That sure is awesome. (read that sentence in an American accent, otherwise it just sounds rubbish.)
To put it simply, Marina and the Diamonds is like marmite. I'm not going to expand this statement, as that would be patronising to you guys.) 
Some of you, at this point, will be thinking 'erm wtf, are you deaf? marina and the diamonds are utterly rubbish, she sounds like a sheep being held at gunpoint and she looks like a man.'

This is where you are wrong ;)

Now I'm not just gonna go on and give y'all an essay on Marina and the Diamonds cos you will be bored and I will be bored and bored+bored=something very boring. :/

 The thing I love about MATD, and what makes her so awesome, is her fashion sense :D it's so cute, and spot on kooky <--- colour coordinating hearts in rainbow order makes me happy, okay -_-

I chose the following images because I think they really represent her quirkyness and the reasons why I love herrr:

saved the best till last there. <3

MATD's style is one of the most versatile I've seen, and she just gets away with wearing outfits that most of us would look like complete twats in :')

SOOOO, that's why I love Marina and the Diamonds. Your opinions? Scroll down a bit, and share them there :D I don't hate comments.

Final thing, sorry for the AWFUL formatting of this post, there are different size fonts and it generally just looks ugly, I'm on my sister's crap-mobile laptop and my options are limited :/ sozzaaa

<1 <2 <3

ooh one last thing, some of ya may have noticed, i wrote this in normal capital letters :O i was just trying it out, i think imma stick to writing in lower case again, i don't like the formalness of it, sheesh :/


  1. i love her outfits :) and her!
    the first photo is amazing.

  2. same and same :D
    ikr, that dress! <3 but my favourite is defo the last, i'm thinking of making it my new banner. i just am in love with it :O

  3. haha, i'm not really too fond of them. she sounds like a man LOL. but i like one of their songs. forgot what it's called. she looks really different in all of the photos!

  4. versatile style indeed! anyway, for following i'm following you back! and your tagline is so cute! thanks for leaving your lovely comment! ^^


  5. not a problem :) and thankyou very much.
    haha, ikr, i love it :D

  6. they're lovely aren't they :) thanks for your comment.

  7. she's so annoying! lol she sounds like a man version of gwen stefani!

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