Saturday, 7 August 2010

£ • £ • £

hey hey hey. :D

firstly: a giant apology to my 36 followers for being a proper crap blogger lately
SORRY. i LITERALLY had nothing worth blogging about and i've been kinda busy and stuff, namely raising money for my World Challenge expedition to Croatia next May. in fact i did some fundraising today actually- bag packing at the local M&S with Phoebe from 'Phoebe.Madeleine', Olivia from 'Union Olivia', Faye from 'Meringue Pie' and Caroline from nowhere, because she doesn't have a blog. :]
it was rather fun as a matter of fact, and collectively we raised a MAHOOOSIVE £428.66! :O shocker or what
we then split this 5 ways, which is still a large sum of money for a 13 year old :D
so now i'm AAAAALMOST halfway to raising the grand total :)
i've also been having a few cake sales with Phoebe outside my house, which actually went pretty well, but we are having a bit of a break from them, mainly because we agree on NOTHING and irritate the hell out of eachother, resulting in us wanting to kill one another ;) not a good idea.
hmmm well that's all i've been doing so far during this utterly ATROCIOUS summer holiday of 5 weeks. (i HATE OUR SCHOOL, 5 WEEKS?!?!?)
besides the usuals- swimming, shopping, going round mates houses and all that jazz. [:

well once again apologies, and imma try to update much more, i promise :D
don't hesitate to leave a comment, infact i rather enjoy them.

note: i don't hate followers. ;)
final thaaaang: sorry for the awful formatting, I'm doing this from an iPod touch. pretty tricky. but i guess I'm just talented that way ;) haha.
<3 <3 <3


  1. Wooah dude?! Almost half the money?! What else have you done?
    UO x

  2. woww thats tons of moneys!!! how much is half? ahah why do you always argue? aww. init stupid school. 5 measly weeks. REkjsfghjksdfhg

  3. Olivia Isabella: Well taking into account that my mum is paying for around £200 (they said parents can pay up to a certain percentage, forgot how much now), and I have been tutoring, cake sale-ing, doing chores and this, it all adds up :D Also, sorry that I didn't link you guys, will do in a mo; I was on itouch :)

    Mary Lee: I know, yay (: half the amount I have to raise is about £500. Cos we have personality clash, aha :p hard to explain.

  4. haha, i love the bit about killing each other :)

  5. wow you've done so well! i wish i was doing wc! :(
    how do you raise money by bag packing btw? do you like packing your own bags or something and get money for it? sorry if this is a completely stupid question! haha
    love the jelly beans!

  6. haha, thankyou :)
    haaaa dw it's not a stupid question, I didn't really understand the concept of it myself until I started ;). basically, each of us stood at the end of a till with our buckets and wc tee shirts, and you ask every customer that comes along if they would like their bags packed for them (you put their shopping in carrier bags etc). then they give you a small tip up to £5ish if you're lucky! phoebe and faye got a fiver each :O some people still gave money and packed their bags themselves though, just depends on the person. then at the end we counted the money and split it equally 5ways :D hope that explains it haha, bit of a rant :/ my bad.

  7. ohhhhh i get it! lol haha at first i thought it was like you guys packing your own wc bags and getting people to pay you for it... or something lol hahah never mind me!
    also, how do you follow people via twitter?

  8. haha, basically instead of following them via the follow gadget on the right hand side of their blog, you click 'follow' at the top left of the screen. then, i think three options will come up; to follow them via google account, twitter and something else which i can't remember. then just choose twitter.
    i THINK this is accurate, just doing it from memory. bare in mind i've only ever followed someone via twitter like once, ages ago.
    hope that helps :/


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