Sunday, 8 August 2010


i want and NEED a new camera.
trouble is, i have N0000 idea which to get. there are just so MANY :o
please leave some suggestions down thereeee :)
preferably a DSLR, but then again there are SO MANY :/

which cameras have you guys got? please spill, i need lotsa feedback :)

omg typing 'lotsa' reminded me of toy story 3 for those of you who've seen it, and the evil creep teddy Lotso :S boy that movie was dodgy. but pretty cute :D everyone said they cried at the end though, and i mean EVERYONE, so when it got to the end i was getting the tissues out, but no tears really was not crying worthy :L it was just typical animation sad..

did you cry? please share your experience if you watched it ;)

just a short post for tonight, tried to keep it 'snappy' :p
<1 <2 <3 <-- hehe cool eh ;)

ooh one last thang; revamped the blog a bit, freshened it up. thoughts on it? :]


  1. nikon is always the best brand to get for dslrs!

  2. i really want one! i've been looking for a dlsr for my birthday but i haven't found any that i like. i don't get it, whats the difference between dslr and nnormal digital cameras? i found this camera and showed it to my sister, and i thuht it was a dslr turned out it's just a digital camera and it was only 170. i think i might get it. ? dunno.

  3. vickileestyle: thanks :) and ty for following also. i see you found out how to follow via twitter? :)

    Mary Lee: mmm same :/ i saw some lovely ones in john lewis the other day, only £300 on sale. idrk, i think it's just better quality and they normally have those big zoom lenses and are black etc i think :p haha. sounds good, go for it :p

  4. some say nikon, some say canon, some say sony's newest. i'm still thinking what to get too~ good luck!


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